MaxxVault ERM

MaxxVault Enterprise COLD and ERM

Capture ERP output such as invoices, forms and reports into MaxxVault Enterprise for process automation and storage — no programming required!

MaxxVault Enterprise Report Management (ERM) is a powerful solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering transactional line of business output. MaxxVault ERM allows MaxxVault Enteprise to seamlessly integrate with forms and reports from your existing accounting or ERP solution without changing existing print streams or processes.

Leverage your ERP investment

Convert ERP and accounting output into fully-formatted, attractive, and efficient electronic documents. These professional, print-quality communications are now suitable for delivery directly to customers. The forms, reports and documents are also stored automatically into the MaxxVault repository for secure, web-based retrieval which can help address regulatory and compliance requirements.

Go green! Distribute documents electronically

Documents which are currently printed from your ERP application can now be delivered automatically via fax, e-mail, the web and portable devices in a variety of formats including PDF, encrypted PDF, XML and plain text.

Digital archiving, routing and approval

Documents, forms and reports such as Invoices, Proof of Deliveries and Purchase Orders are automatically stored for retrieval via index and full-text searches. Add notes or link related documents to provide immediate access to information related to a particular transaction, customer account or activity (for example: AP Invoice with the Purchase Order and the AP Check).

  1. Print streams are easily transformed into custom, professional documents.
  2. MaxxVault ERM captures the print stream and applies the correct form, including color, signatures, barcodes and logos.
  3. The finished document is now available for convenient retrieval or distribution via email, fax or print by MaxxVault Enterprise.

1. Print stream sent to Maxxvault ERM

2. MaxxVault ERM applies the correct form

3. The finished form is archived in Maxxvault for distribution and easy retrieval.

Transform traditional print output from accounting and ERP application into electronic documents.

Output is stored as a searchable PDF in MaxxVault Enterprise.

Custom formatting and logos can be applied to the forms prior to delivery.

Create barcodes from more than 150 barcode types, including 2D.

Secure MICR check line formatting can be applied to AP check forms and print output.

Seamlessly integrate accounting and ERP line-of-business applications such as SAP®, Oracle® and JD Edwards®.

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