MaxxVault E-Forms

MaxxVault E-Forms

Transition your organization away from the inefficiencies associated with paper forms. Data and forms can now be captured, verified and routed efficiently and securely to automate typical organizational processes and workflows online.

MaxxVault E-Forms (Electronic Forms) is a powerful solution for creating or migrating existing paper-based or PDF forms to the web. Electronic data collection is now as simple as launching a web browser from a PC, laptop, tablet, PDA or self-serve kiosk.

Easily migrate existing forms and processes to the web

Convert your paper or PDF forms into fully-formatted, attractive, and efficient online forms. If you have an existing paper form or fillable PDF, the MaxxVault E-Form Designer can be used to recreate/redesign your form for instant information capture. These forms are now optimized for the web as secure pages and links which can be made available to internal and external users. Secure form access, data entry and submission can now be part of your business best practices.

Go green! Publish forms to the web

Printed paper forms which are manually completed and copied can now be made available via secure inter/intra net web pages in a variety of formats including PDF, encrypted PDF, XML and HTML. Why print, fill out, sign and manually route forms if you don’t have to? Delays, inefficiencies and questionable handwriting problems associated with form approval and data entry are now reduced or eliminated.

Route and automate forms and data

After data is entered and validated, these forms are captured by MaxxVault. Data entered into the form fields populate MaxxVault index fields, making the form easy to find when needed. Better still, data entered into the form can be passed directly to other business applications (accounting/HR/ERP), eliminating delays and errors associated with manual data entry.

Once secure in the MaxxVault repostory, the forms can be routed to the appropriate workflow for rapid processing.

  • Paper and PDF forms are easily transitioned to the Web
  • No need for expensive programming or designer software
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Apply signatures electronically
  • Capture form data automatically into business applications
  • Eliminate data entry interpretation errors
  • Instantly route forms to appropriate workflow
  • Forms are immediately stored securely and managed according to corporate records management rules
  • Green technology: reduce paper, printing, shipping, and storage

Content enters an organization in many ways: paper, e-mail, system-to-system transactions, spreadsheets, paper and electronic forms and even text messages. MaxxVault features built-in components to capture, scan, retrieve or integrate with any content-producing system.

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