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MaxxVault Enterprise Document Capture

The MaxxVault Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is revolutionizing the business world. Converting paper documents to electronic files enables greater efficiency, reduces costs, and also improves document security.

Saving office files in MaxxVault Enterprise enables collaboration, ensures proper revision tracking, and also enforces regulatory compliance. Making document capture easy is one of the most important features of any EDMS solution. For this reason, MaxxVault Enterprise makes importing all of your documents and information a snap.

Eliminating paper documents has never been easier with the increased number of scanners available in most organizations, many of which are already in place as a feature of your photocopier. Then you can scan documents directly to MaxxVault Enterprise from any Kofax or TWAIN compliant scanner. Multi-Function Peripherals (MFP) sold by the major copier companies can also scan and send paper documents directly to MaxxVault to initiate electronic workflow. MaxxVault can also be configured to accept faxes that are captured by a fax server.

Your business software, such as SAP and Oracle, print invoices, reports and other documents to paper. The application can then capture these documents electronically, saving on excessive paper printing with the added bonus of providing faultless full-text searching. In addition, documents from any application can simply be "printed" as a PDF directly into MaxxVault, or files can be dragged and dropped into a MaxxVault folder just as you would move any other file around your desktop.

Don't forget e-mail!

E-mail can contain vital information, so MaxxVault can capture it directly from your Outlook folders. And let's also not forget workers that are in remote offices or telecommute! Scanned images or electronic files can then be easily imported via our web interface ensuring that no vital document is left out of the loop. The entire range of your documents and electronic files can then be imported into your MaxxVault central library with ease using tools that already exist or come as part of MaxxVault's standard features.

Maximize access to your information with MaxxVault!

• Kofax
• MFP 

Line of business app print spool capture
• Invoices, reports, checks, etc.

Import Files from desktop

• Drag and drop
• Bulk capture from folder
• Import network folder tree

Import from Outlook based on rules

Fax server capture  

Web document capture

Online forms and E-forms

Save from MS Office applications:

• Word            • Excel
• Outlook        • PowerPoint

Print to:


Content enters an organization in many ways: paper, e-mail, system-to-system transactions, spreadsheets, paper and electronic forms and even text messages. So MaxxVault features built-in components to capture, scan, retrieve or integrate with any content-producing system.

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