The Benefits of Using MaxxVault Document Management for Sage

The Benefits of Using MaxxVault Document Management for Sage
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The Benefits of Using MaxxVault Document Management for Sage

Sage 500 is a powerful technology that provides solutions for some of the biggest problems of business innovation. By offering useful tools for accounts payable, accounting, manufacturing, and distribution, Sage is some of the most powerful business software on the market. It produces fast, accurate information, full mobility, and excellent support. So if you use the incredible Sage platform, why would you want to add MaxxVault Document Management? The answer is simple: to extend the value of your investment. Here are three key reasons to consider MaxxVault’s document management for Sage.

Secure Document Storage

The MaxxVault floating toolbar integrates seamlessly with your Sage interface. Additionally, it provides a powerful and extensive repository for all of your crucial documents. Because of the full toolbar integration, users do not need to learn any software. Instead, all storage and retrieval take place from within the Sage 500 platform. Also, MaxxVault document storage uses top security and user verification to ensure that your files are secure according to your specifications for document management. This means that the system ensures your compliance with any compliance and legal use standards.

Workflow Capabilities

MaxxVault document management for Sage 500 includes workflow capabilities to keep your teams running smoothly and communicating well. To that end, patient care and billing records are connected in the MaxxVault system, making all related documents easily accessible for reference. Additionally, an open document is available to edit, sign, or send along in a workflow for further modification.  Assign tasks in order, and the system takes care of the rest. Track files as they move through the appropriate channels, and never miss a step in the process.

One-Click Efficiency

MaxxVault document management for Sage 500 includes one-click scanning, indexing, and searching. There is no need for more open windows, switching between programs, or hunting for files. Consequently, users get the benefit of faster and more efficient document handling. Document input and retrieval are one-step processes, all within the bounds of the Sage interface. Your staff benefits from a simple interface with full integration, cutting down on their work time and increasing their efficiency in day-to-day processes.

Sage 500 software is an elite enterprise management tool. With a simple interface and powerful solutions, Sage is an investment that makes sense. MaxxVault document management for Sage extends that investment by increasing your ROI and further integrating and simplifying the user experience. Want to know more about integrating MaxxVault document management with your Sage software? Contact us today to discuss your options.