Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

aztec-calendarYou don’t need a Nostradamus or Mayan calendar to tell you bad things happen — and without warning.

Your documents are the life blood of your business. Severe damage or loss to your files can cripple your operation. To protect against damage to documents (and to save office space) many organizations send their documents to storage facilities, but even these are not immune to disaster. The solution? Convert your documents into electronic format with MaxxVault.

The MaxxVault repository can easily be backed up daily, weekly, monthly or on whatever schedule is appropriate. Using industry standard back-up utilities, the index values and documents can be copied to your network storage device or better yet, store your data offsite with MaxxCloud. With the power of MaxxCloud it has never been easier or cheaper to ensure the continuity of your business.

Complete, cost-effective plans include the facilities, hardware, peripherals, crisis management and technical support to help you plan for and recover from service interruptions. Keep a healthy backup plan for the life of your business.

Can your business cope with catastrophe?

Your company content is secured for easy back-up and archiving to ensure business viability.