MaxxVault Announces the Latest Release of MaxxDocs

Islandia, NY — Nov 04, 2010 / ( — MaxxVault LLC is proud to announce the release of MaxxDocs(TM) 4.0, the powerful yet simple entry-level document management solution. MaxxDocs captures documents from scanners, MFPs, network folders or from any application via printer driver. Once captured, documents are indexed (customized to the business processes requirements) for quick retrieval. Documents stored by MaxxDocs can be treated just as paper documents, with users able to mark up documents with notes, highlights and redactions, just to name some of the features. Documents can also be merged, separated and the page order can be shuffled, just like a paper file.

“Shifting from paper to an electronic document management system [EDMS] provides huge benefits to any organization, big or small,” says Bruce Malyon, CEO of MaxxVault LLC. “With MaxxDocs, the process efficiencies, reduced printing, filing, shipping and storage costs, and other cost benefits that can be gained from an EDMS are not just for large businesses. For a very modest investment, a small business or department can deploy MaxxDocs and start taking advantage of the benefits provided by a document management system. Paper and electronic records are now stored together for fast and easy reference in a system much more secure than either a filing cabinet or a network folder. MaxxDocs dramatically improves an organization’s ability to manage records in compliance with regulations as well as providing back-up options unparalleled by paper file systems.”

“MaxxDocs provides resellers with a clear advantage,” said Walter Miller, Vice President of Sales for MaxxVault LLC. “For a minimal increase in lease rates, resellers gain a competitive edge by selling their scanning equipment bundled with MaxxDocs. The subsequent ROI provided by MaxxVault more than covers any small increase in cost.” Walter Miller continued, adding: “The end user will not only have the scanning solution they needed, but a repository that can grow as they grow. Migration from MaxxDocs to MaxxVault Server is quick and easy”.

Company size and solution cost are no longer impediments to feature-rich and powerful document management. The sooner MaxxDocs is implemented the sooner an organization can realize the cost savings, workflow efficiencies, security and records management improvements provided by an EDMS. MaxxDocs’ ease of use and simple interface ensures quick adoption of the new system by users. MaxxDocs is the easy choice for controlling document chaos.