MaxxVault 6.8 Focuses on Compliance, Report Automation and Document Matching

Bohemia, NY— September 27th, 2017 — MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault Enterprise 6.8 is now available. With the new release, MaxxVault continues to be one of the market leaders in the ECM marketplace. Whether you decide to buy an on-premise solution or have it hosted in MaxxCloud, you never have to worry about sacrificing scalability or functionality. We have included over 30 new features in the new release and updated the desktop client look and feel.

Today most industries are dealing with more ridged compliance rules and regulations when it comes to managing and maintaining electronic content. It’s not enough anymore to just offer scalability, ease of use and flexibility in an Information Management System. The Information Management System must also have strong document control, compliance and reporting metrics. MaxxVault 6.8 has added key enhancements around system validation, automated reporting, system auditing and document matching. MaxxVault applications can now be locked down from unauthorized changes with the new system validation feature which is geared towards clients that need to adhere to ISO and FDA compliance standards. This feature locks down the designed application after validation has occurred. Once the solution is in validation mode application design changes can only be made when approved by 2 admin level users. Application changes that are made are captured in a new audit log report that tracks system changes.

In version 6.8, we have added many new default reports and a reporting dashboard that allows for better system metrics that will help companies meet their compliance goals. Key reports can be regularly scheduled to be sent via email. Reports are broken down into 3 categories User, Document and Workflow. The MaxxPackage feature takes document matching to the next level. In MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud auto linking documents that are related by a key index value has existed but MaxxPackage is a game changer. Now documents can be part of a required set or package that needs to

be completed before a workflow process can be started or completed. A completed PDF MaxxPackage can also be merged to make one document. Users can run a report to find out what key documents are missing from each key document package.

“We were not planning another release before version 7.0 but over the last 8 months we added so many great features we had no choice but to create version 6.8,” states Alex Johnson, VP Software Development. “Our development team is dedicated to our product roadmap and excited to get this Fall release of MaxxVault Enterprise completed. Don’t worry the team is still working hard on version 7.0 that will have improved AI Capture Automation and version 3 of MaxxForms.”

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