MaxxDocs Selects Nuance OCR Technology for Image Recognition

Nuance OmniPage 16 Powers MaxxDocs 5 with Greater than 99% OCR Accuracy and Barcode Indexing

Islandia, New York — Nov 08, 2011 / ( — MaxxVault LLC, a leader in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), today announced that Nuance Communications, Inc., a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions, will provide the imaging engine for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode interpretation in MaxxDocs 5.

The Nuance OCR engine provides the highest levels of OCR accuracy, a requirement for MaxxDocs 5. “As part of the upgrades included in MaxxDocs 5, we wanted to provide users with full text retrieval,” said Ken Bly, CTO of MaxxVault. “The Nuance technology provided the best results for precise OCR and therefore exact search results.” Users of MaxxDocs 5 will be able find documents based on their content, searching for words or phrases, and by using Boolean operators. Licensing the Nuance technology also provides greater indexing options through Barcode interpretation. MaxxDocs 5 can read barcode values for batch scan document bursting and for capturing the barcode values into index fields.

“Effective electronic storage and retrieval depends heavily on OCR accuracy, and accurate conversions mean more accurate document retrieval. Advanced imaging technology, such as the unrivaled OCR accuracy and barcode indexing features delivered by OmniPage 16, adds tremendous value to EDMS users,” said Jeff Segarra, Director, Desktop, Cloud & Mobile Products, Nuance Communications, Inc. “By utilizing the OmniPage Capture SDK, MaxxVault makes these capabilities available to their customers as a part of their solution, providing a compelling differentiator by extending their solution with imaging technology.”