Municipal Clerk

Municipalities of all sizes and shapes are inundated with documents. Clerks need help managing and maintaining municipal documents in compliance with the needs and regulations of their municipality. While most have their paper records management policies working well, MaxxClerk can make it that much easier, efficient and secure. Additionally, electronic records in email or sitting unprotected on the network pose a completely new set of management problems which MaxxClerk can easily solve.

Once the documents are stored in MaxxClerk, they are secure from prying eyes. Document access is restricted at the point of entry and then by the user profile. A system containing millions of documents may only yield a few hundred, depending on your profile. There is no longer a need to worry about unlocked doors or otherwise unauthorized access into the file room. If there is ever a situation where there is a question about who accessed a document or if a document was printed, edited, emailed, etc. the details regarding “who,” “where” and “when” can be discovered quickly with the MaxxClerk document history.

Acting as a central library, municipal documents are easy to find and ready for collaboration and distribution. There is no fear of accidental moving or deletion from the network, unauthorized access or unmonitored changes. MaxxClerk ensures important documents are easy to find, prevents loss and ensures electronic files are not isolated on a local PC. With MaxxClerk, vital information is always available when needed.