Human Resources

The Human Resources department deals with a wide variety of personal and private information. When dealign with Human Resource documents, it is essential that organizations properly secure and manage this information in order to comply with legal regulations and to avoid lawsuits. With MaxxClerk, securing applicant, employee and corporate data is easy.

The industry has been moving to a digital filing cabinet to support Human Resources document management. As new resumes and applications arrive, MaxxClerk can be both the database and the filing cabinet. Using the index fields in MaxxClerk, the key skills of an applicant can be listed and searched quickly, presenting a short list of applicants instantly. The, with a simple mouse click, the resume can be displayed or emailed to the hiring manager.

Once hired, MaxxClerk makes finding all subsequent information regarding the employee a simple process as the documents share the same index values. Pulling up a vacation request is simply a matter of entering the employee name and the document type (vacation request). This is much quicker and easier than rooting through filing cabinets. MaxxClerk can also act as a repository for corporate forms, such as employee handbooks and insurance claims.

MaxxClerk also improves document security. Only those with login credentials to MaxxClerk can access the documents. As a result, if an unscrupulous employee finds themselves alone in the HR office they still won’t be able to access the document or chance seeing something left out in the open.
Providing greater efficiency and security for the price of a couple of filing cabinets, MaxxClerk is a must have for any HR department.