Housing Authority

Housing and Community Development oversees and coordinates all affordable housing programs, both rental and ownership, and all community development activities. Responsible for HUD and Section 8 program administration, implementation, and budget compliance, the department maintains records of the program participants within the system. In order to become eligible for the Section 8 program, participants must apply and go through an annual approval process. The program application and registration files contain highly sensitive documentation such as birth certificates and other forms of identification, proofs of income, and proofs of residency. Prior to each participant's expiration date, the Housing Authority requests specific information and documentation to determine eligibility for the next year. Because of the sensitive nature of this documentation, security is vital. Local government entities entrust MaxxClerk with their document security and integrity. By scanning and saving each participant's documentation in MaxxClerk, security can be set for only authorized users. The Housing Authority can rest assured compliance is met and participant data is safe under MaxxClerk's "lock and key" security.