Finance and Tax Center

As with any finance and accounting department, there is a great deal of documentation around the tracking of income and expenditures. Detailed reports need to be made available to city councilors and the general public about income, purchases and savings. With MaxxClerk as your document workflow backbone, managing the finance department has never been easier.

Using MaxxClerk Enterprise to process incoming and outgoing documents is simple. MaxxClerk captures documents from any source (scanner, fax server, email, network folders and any of your departmental LOB applications) and immediately sorts them according to your process standards. The documents are then routed according to your document workflow for approval and payment.

MaxxClerk workflow dramatically reduces the need to shuffle paper and virtually eliminates lost or misplaced files. For instance, AP invoices are scanned and immediately routed to the various department managers for review and to authorize payment. The managers create and attach vouchers to the invoices with related backup documentation and send the completed documentation to the Comptroller's office for processing and payment. All of this is done without shuffling any paper between offices. Moreover, staff can track all documents in the workflow, locating bottlenecks and making adjustments to work load to ensure speedy processing. And because payment processing is more efficient and faster it will be easier to take advantage of quick payment discounts.

While MaxxClerk can capture invoices, journal entries and other reports from your financial application it can also retrieve stored documents from within your accounting application without the need to switch between applications. Working with static documents and your financial software has never been easier.