Emergency Services

Accident, fire and crime reports filed by citizens and emergency responders are just the beginning of the documents that city emergency services have to configure and control. As incidents are investigated, more and more documents are added to the ever-growing pile. File rooms expand, costing more and more. MaxxVault eliminates the costly storage and puts the documents at the finger tips of investigators, attorneys and those involved quickly and efficiently.

When complete, incident reports containing a barcode (indicating the incident/case number) are scanned into MaxxVault. The case number is auto-populated into the index fields, linking the image to the case management system for instant retrieval when needed. The documents themselves are entered into the appropriate workflow for processing. Subsequent documents related to each case can easily be added and linked to form a complete package. These documents can include scanned images, electronic office application files (Microsoft Office, etc.), web forms or even photos emailed from smart phones. All case documents are available to staff in the office or out in the field via web access. In addition, case files are easily shared with insurance agencies and attorneys via web access or can be found and sent quickly via email. There is no need for extra copying or shipping of documents.