Council Chambers

Cities and municipal governing bodies have to deal with financial, legal and social matters. To reach decisions involves a great deal of information, planning, discussion, review and compromise. While in the council chambers, council members may need access to information in reports, studies, emails, proposals, etc. that they may not have with them. MaxxClerk puts the full breadth of city documents at the fingertips of councilors or their staff right from their laptop. With a quick index or full text search, the required document can quickly be presented or even emailed to the other council members immediately.

With MaxxClerk's Version Control tools, changes can be made to all documents - including Council meeting agendas - right up to the last minute. Each change by each user is tracked and saved. Since the latest version is accessed by default, when Council agendas are published there can be no doubt that it is focused on the most pressing matters. Should an item cut from the agenda need re-instatement, with MaxxClerk it is a simple thing to call up the older revisions to restore the missing items. MaxxClerk's Version Control is a proven and reliable Configuration Management System keeps city documents tracked and secured.