MaxxClerk – Municipal Clerk Licensing – made easy

Use MaxxClerk for easy retrieval of information, fast processing of new and renewal license transactions as well as printing of required City, County or State licenses.

With MaxxClerk in place, the process of approving and granting licenses to applicants is quick and easy. Requests for licenses are scanned (or filled out as electronic forms), indexed and entered into a workflow queue for processing. MaxxClerk features an easy to design workflow to route documents to the appropriate clerk(s) to begin the granting process. Once scanned, the file is completely electronic. Documents may be edited, notes can be added to them and other documents easily linked to the file. Processing of documents takes place on the computer screen. Once the licensing department clerk has completed the file, it can be routed to other people or locations with the click of a button. MaxxClerk immediately notifies the appropriate department staff by email that there is a new licensing request requiring a certain action. The department clerk will have access to the documents right on their desktop – there is no need to transport paper files. Once the department clerk has completed their action, the request can be accepted or rejected. Depending on their choices, the document is routed through the workflow accordingly.

Government agencies and municipalities throughout the country utilize MaxxClerk to manage a wide variety of documentation and information:

Dog Licensing: original licenses, renewals, replacement tags, transfers; pure-bred original licenses, & renewals; monthly NYS Agriculture & Markets report; rabies tracking and report; transaction detail report; lists by breed, color, sex and/or location; personalized delinquent renewal letters (with customizable template); electronic data transfer by Internet to the Department of Agriculture & Markets.

Vital Records: marriage affidavits, certificates and personalized “Dear Newly-weds” letters; monthly NYS DOH (Department of Health) report; burial transit permits; marriage & death summary reports.

Commuter Parking: produces issued permit report by name or number; also an expired permit report & “soon-to-expire” letters (with customizable template).

As well as:
Council Chambers • Finance and Tax Center • Human Resources • City Clerk • Emergency Services • Licensing and Permits
Facilities Management • Housing Authority

Records Retention

The MaxxClerk System is revolutionizing the way municipal clerks work. MaxxClerk allows for easy retrieval of information, fast processing of new and renewal transactions and the printing of required State licenses


The most immediate impact MaxxClerk has on any organization is how quickly it can retrieve documents. Without leaving their desk, users can find all the documents they need in moments.

Easy to use!

Designed to be user friendly in cooperation with over 30 town clerk employees from Southampton, Huntington and Oyster Bay, users logging in for the first time will encounter a system that looks much like popular Microsoft OfficeTM applications.