Maximize Your Workflow with Document Management Software

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Maximize Your Workflow with Document Management Software

While “workflow” may seem like a buzzword, it is actually one of the most essential parts of effective business management. In a general sense, workflow refers to any repeated pattern of steps that a project moves through, from instigation to completion. When referring to document management software, workflow takes on a more specific meaning: namely, the path a document takes through your organization, from the first concept to approval. This includes all the outlines, versioning, and collaborations each document requires. 

Ideally, it would be easy to trace a document’s path from start to finish. There would be no question about where it was, where it is going next, or how it would successfully get to its final destination. However, it is not unusual for organizations to still rely on email or other basic file sharing. Files often languish and even disappear. Here are three ways that using document management software will maximize your workflow and move documents seamlessly through their life-cycles.

Clearly Define Processes

When projects are passed around via email or online document sharing services, processes become confusing. Where is the latest version? Who is responsible for the next step? By using workflow through document management software, there are no more questions about where a project came from or where it’s going. The workflow parameters are clear. Therefore all involved parties can easily and efficiently fulfill their responsibilities.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Think of document management software as your digital secretary. All of those rote paper tasks, like filing, retrieving, sending, and copying, become the job of the system. For example, in the case of internal and external communication, the workflow manages its path. The document moves through a chain of approval and then goes out for delivery. This allows the unique needs and goals of your organization to shape new workflows. Because of the clarity and automation of the digital system, you recover both time and energy (and therefore money).

Implement Best Practices

This covers a lot, but here’s what we mean: a document management system ensures accountability for your employees, it guarantees security for your documents, and it contains all compliance measures your company requires. And all without needing management. In other words, you will be ready for any audit or quality control check without notice. A document management platform gives you the best practices you aspire to while simultaneously giving you peace of mind.

Workflow can be one of the most underutilized tools in a digital arsenal. Don’t underestimate its potential. By evaluating your current organizational roadblocks and implementing workflow to meet those challenges, you will raise efficiency and productivity. If you are interested in exploring the workflow opportunities for your organization, contact MaxxVault today.