Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Team Through Workflow Automation

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Team Through Workflow Automation
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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Team Through Workflow Automation

A desk piled with design proofs, press releases, and notes from meetings doesn’t clear itself. Even with an effective and well-organized document system, marketing professionals spend countless hours managing the paperwork of their profession. If your company’s marketing team is bogged down with endless approvals, proofs, and copy, it may be time for workflow automation. When marketing meets workflow, the process gets out of the way of the product. Here are some examples.

Turn Leads Into Clients

When your company receives a lead, does the follow-up rely on consistent pursuit by an employee? If you employ workflow automation, leads entered into the system will be put on a path for contact immediately. You can loop in any departments you choose, including sales, client development, and more. The system delivers standard marketing communications at programmed intervals while sales and development teams are also notified to follow up personally. Don’t miss more opportunities because your leads die in a pile of paper or an email queue.

Process Web Forms

Marketing programs use web forms to capture customer information and feedback. This information is invaluable to your company’s plan for the future. But what happens next? Collecting information is only the beginning. Program your workflow to trigger specific notifications, tasks, and contacts and effectively use the feedback from web forms. For example, if a respondent indicates interest in specific goods or services, workflow immediately initiates relevant marketing communications. As with leads, web form submissions are time sensitive and need more than storage to positively contribute to your business.

Subscription to Email Communication

Many companies struggle to retain email newsletter subscribers. Using workflow automation, your marketing company gains the ability to automate relevant content and encourage new subscribers to engage with your communications. This not only enables subscribers to get the most out of what you send, but it also creates a sense of commitment that will keep them reading. Diversity in your stream of marketing emails keeps your readers engaged and participating.

Your entire organization benefits when you use workflow automation to streamline your marketing. As always, the purpose of automation isn’t the process itself. Instead, the end goal is to create the best possible product. Using a careful combination of personalized communication and automated marketing tasks, your marketing team will become increasingly more effective. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.