The Long View – Long-Term Effects of ECM

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The Long View – Long-Term Effects of ECM

Enterprise content management has instant advantages that can revolutionize the workplace. Over time, however, the long-term effects of ECM are even more beneficial. There are three key ways that effective enterprise content management will change your organization.

Elimination of low value tasks

Low value tasks are the day to day things that take away from your employee’s productiveness. Automating portions of the workflow cut these low value tasks down dramatically. Over time you may be able to reduce overall man-hours spent doing such tasks as transferring documents. Automating much of the workflow process also eliminates the need for your employees to focus on sending notifications and reminders. They can stay more engaged with the content of your work, on an ideas and reporting level, as opposed to getting caught up in the daily grind.

Over time, decreasing busy-work and adding engagement allows for greater employee satisfaction. The best ECM facilitates employee engagement. When employees don’t have to do the low value tasks that are currently assigned to them, they engage more with what drew them to the role in the first place. In return you get workers who are more focused on their tasks, and your employees get freed from the daily grind.

Maximum value from every piece of content

Every piece of information generated by your business has several life cycles. When you have a great enterprise content management system you keep track of every scrap of information all the way to the end. Whether it’s a survey response, quarterly report, or client fact-sheet you can get the most out of your information by stopping data loss.

With easily sorted, easy to recall information, you get the maximum return on investment from every data point. Over the long term, your business enjoys a wealth of data. You don’t have to spend as much time or money on data procurement or organization.

Instant recall across growing archives

Modern technology is always advancing. It was a great day when the postal service became efficient. You could send a needed document  across the country in a few days. Once the age of faxes began, snail mail became outdated and awkward. Calling your office in another part of the country and having them fax you their records cut the waiting time from days down to hours–sometimes minutes, if the document was right at hand. As businesses grow and remain in business, however, it becomes more and more difficult to have records on hand. Enterprise content management gives employees in various buildings instant access to documents. As your business amasses more records, this becomes a more valuable convenience.

Amplify the short term effects of ECM and you have a system that makes the most of time, data, and money. You can keep your business’s growing pile of records safe and secure. You can increase employee performance and happiness by eliminating low value tasks. Automate the workflow process and get the most from every piece of content your company has