Logistic Information Management Issues?

Logistic Information Management Issues?
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Logistic Information Management Issues?

Our team at MaxxVault have been designing and implementing solutions for Transportation and Logistics companies for nearly 20 years. This is one industry that continues to grow and with the growth the information management becomes more and more challenging. Here are 4 things any logistic company should be looking for in a document/information management solution:

1. All solutions today should store files in native format. If the solution offers encryption please make sure that they encryption can be turned off by an admin and all files are back to there original format after this is done. Proprietary file formats are so 1995 technology.

2. Software solution should have an easy automated way of linking documents together and also notifying users if key documents in the process are missing.

3. The solution should have some level of tablet/mobile  e-signature capability integrated into it. Most companies have some third party partnerships that do the signature piece. The best third party tool in my opinion is DocuSign. At MaxxVault we have our own signature tools embedded into our platform.

4. Access the information from anywhere on any device. Searching tools should be quick and easy use.

Keep on trucking!!!