Keys to Integrating Social Media into Your Enterprise Content Management

Keys to Integrating Social Media into Your Enterprise Content Management
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Keys to Integrating Social Media into Your Enterprise Content Management


One does not need to look at graphs to comprehend the massive impact social media has had on our lives. For something that’s only been around for a couple of years, it’s users and variations have multiplied exponentially. So how can businesses tap into the power of social media? Better yet, how can social media become an integrated part of your enterprise content management? There are many ways to capitalize on this newest mode of communication that will give you a leg up in your industry and help drive efficiency.

Customer Service

Many companies have taken their customer service departments to social media. These companies understand the need to be proactive when it comes to customer service.  Any company with an online presence can be susceptible to bad press. Integrating social media into their current enterprise content management strategy allows companies to immediately respond to a negative experience. Bad things are going to happen, and people inherently understand that. Still, they tend to be more forgiving when it comes to how a company handles a customer service issue. With social media being the ultimate stage, companies are able to publicly address issues. Further they can keep their eye on trending problems and even find out immediately if there is an issues. Every company needs to take their reputation online and integrate their customer service strategies at the same time for the highest amount of customer satisfaction.


Internally, social media can be used for effective collaboration. While there may still be a reason to pull a team up to a round table for idea sharing, it is no longer idea. In order to capture the broadest picture of ideas in a setting where many people feel brave enough to share, collaboration should take place online. Creating a facebook group, or hashtag will allow more people to get involved in idea sharing and strategy building. By taking the boardroom onto a social media platform, part of your enterprise content management plan includes large scale collaboration and automatic idea archiving. No secretary or scribe will be appointed to take the ideas from the white board to the word document to the company wide email. Steps can be virtually eliminated while you increase productivity and participation. That is a win/win.

Broader Customer Listening

People are talking online, are you listening? They may be talking with their status updates and their hashtags, but they are also talking with their clicks and likes. Do you have the analytics tools to follow what they are saying? Understanding your customer base on the deepest level and immediately is a huge boon for any industry. The enterprise content management toolbelt should include tools to capture and analyze this data quickly for sales strategies and marketing planning.

Should you Create Your Own Interface?

It may not be appropriate for every business to have it’s own social network, but it’s worth analyzing. Mobile app users interface more than non mobile users. Is there a way to make your business mobile friendly? Does your company keep a blog that allows people to comment and share to their friends? Is there room for message boards that you could provide space for that brings your customer base even closer to each other through idea sharing and problem solving? This will allow you to further capture useful information.  

Enterprise content management is about doing more with less. It is the future of industry that will finally ease the burden of the growing demand for compliance, document storing and feedback warehousing. In order to keep up the pace with the whole of current society, their purchasing trends and feedback, it is imperative that you become savvy in your social media presence and incorporate this valuable tool into your enterprise content management tool belt.