Just Released – North America’s 2014 Top Software Vendors

Bohemia, NY — May 29, 2014 — Locator Magazine has released their latest Buyer’s Guide, “North America’s 2014 Top Software Vendors.”

Here is a snippet:

Adding Value to the Box: A Look at the Latest Trends Driving Software, Solutions and Apps

Ever since hardware resellers started thinking outside of the box, software, or as some refer to it, solutions or applications, has become an increasingly important component of the hardware sale. It’s not like this is anything new; OEMs have been preaching the gospel of solution selling for well over a decade now if not longer. Indeed, a visit to most OEM dealer meetings finds a healthy number of third-party solutions partners in attendance demonstrating how they can add value to the box.

There’s a wide variety of solutions on the market, but let’s narrow things down to a handful of segments that represent the biggest opportunities for resellers right now. Those include document management, workflow, print management, and mobile and cloud-based solutions. The latter two, mobile and cloud-based solutions represent two of the hottest trends in software applications. It should also be duly noted that most document management solutions are cloud based while print management solutions now have a mobile component so there’s always going to be some overlap.

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