It Doesn’t Have to be Daunting – EDMS Initiatives

It Doesn't Have to be Daunting - EDMS Initiatives
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It Doesn’t Have to be Daunting – EDMS Initiatives

I am sure glad 3 year olds aren’t running EDMS initiatives at companies today.

Last week my three year old daughter asked me “Mom- what do you REALLY do for work?” She sat in my office for a good half hour while I demonstrated to her the MaxxVault platform. Her reaction after the demo? “Soooooo your work computer does a lot of stuff….and that’s a good thing, right?”

This is what brought me to my opening of this blog. The phrase, “a lot of stuff” made me think about how vital information management is to organizations today, but why does a program doing, “a lot of stuff” seem daunting for so many?

Here are a few reasons we hear as to why the rollout of an information management system may seem to be so daunting:

  1. It can be hard to envision your organization using all the features that any given system has to offer.
  2. Getting the acceptance of the employees at your organization.
  3. Will this system really improve processes or just cause more headaches

These are all valid concerns and ones that every organization needs to analyze before implementing any system. However, with proper planning, implementing a document management system for your organization can be stress free and instantly valuable to your company as a whole and each individual’s specific job.

    1. An important factor in choosing an information management system is that it should be scalable. Make sure the solution you choose understands your dream for EDMS as well as breaking the project into well thought out phases.  You don’t want to work with a company that can do phases 1-3, and then when you reach phase 4 you learn they don’t have the right feature set. Often times the best course of action is to start off small- perhaps in just one department- and have a clear plan as to how to roll the system out into further departments. You do not need to start off with an enterprise wide installation. However it is very important that as your company grows your information management system is able to grow and expand as well.
    2. When it comes to changing daily operations the main thing to consider is ensuring
      jobs will become easier and peak interest- this will inevitably help with user
      acceptance. For instance, my daughter was kind of interested at the beginning
      of the demo, BUT her interest peaked when I showed her how to draw squiggly lines on a document, and the rest of the demo was background noise to her. She gave me a few sympathy, “Uhh uhhhh” and “that’s neat” but I know I lost her attention after the squiggly lines. And that’s okay! Start employees off with something that they will be interested in
      right away because it will clearly improve their business process on a daily
      basis. An easy example of this for most employees would be giving them the
      ability to access all of their information right from within their Outlook
      email interface. In most cases only a handful of people in an organization need to truly understand the whole EDMS vision for the upcoming years. For the daily end user showing them only what they need to use will help with the transition. Another key
      factor in employee acceptance is ensuring that before a system is rolled out
      the proper management has been involved and will enforce the rollout.
    3. With proper planning of the current needs and improvements that can be made a system should give you more peace of mind and not headaches. A clear roadmap for the initial rollout and expansion is vital to a successful system. Focusing on solving one paint point at a time will help alleviate the risk of headaches. Understanding your true return on investment will help to initially understand that monetarily a system is a smart business move for your organization. Going forward after the initial rollout, if the proper planning was done there will be no doubt that an information management system will not only help each individual user’s daily process but you will be able to see significant improvement in the overall business process of your organization.

Information management is what drives any business today. Information comes to us from a variety of methods – voicemails, emails, faxes, electronic documents, hard copy documents…make sure you choose a document management system that is scalable enough to grow with all these needs and flexible enough to change along with your changing business. With some basic planning and the right system any organization is able to succeed in the ongoing and expanding task of organizing critically important business information!