Is your Data Safe and Secure? – Document Storage Systems

Is your Data Safe and Secure? - Document Storage Systems
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Is your Data Safe and Secure? – Document Storage Systems

Often times one of the most overlooked things when it comes to Electronic Document Management Systems is the Daily, Weekly or dare I say Monthly Backups.  I know for a fact that most companies would not gamble with their Line of Business Systems by not performing a Daily Backup but as a Senior Engineer I often times have uncomfortable conversations when a document goes missing or becomes corrupt but it can be quite simple if a Backup Routine / Strategy is in place.   This Routine or Strategy can be determined by answering a couple of simple questions.

1. How often do I add or update content in my EDM system?  This will help you determine how frequently a Backup should take place.

2. How much content do I have in my EDM system?  This will help you determine what would be the best backup method to use.  The first step is to start with a Full Backup and this will also help you determine how much space is required to perform the Backup.

Full Backup – Backs up all files specified.

Incremental Backup – Organizes the data into increments of change between points in                                                 time once a Full Backup has been executed.

Differential Backup – Saves the data that has changed since the last full backup.

3.  Do I have currently have a Backup System in place?  This will help you determine if you have the proper tools to backup your EDM system.

4.  What do I need to backup?  Most EDM systems have 2 components (1. a Database in the MaxxVault world this is a SQL Database.  2. Images and in large system it could be LOTS of IMAGES) so you will need to account for a Database Backup and UNC Path (Folder) backup.

5.  Where should I put my backup-ed up data?  Now, this is a question that is a business question that should be answered to each and every business because no one answer is the right one depending on the size, location, and type of business your EDM system services.

The # 1 NO NO for any small business is … Please DO NOT store your backups on the same PHYSICAL DRIVE as the “Live” or shall I say current data.

So as Sergeant Phil Esterhaus used to say “Let’s be Careful out there !!” and I’ll add with your DATA !!