How Intelligent Information Management Will Change Your Organization

How Intelligent Information Management Will Change Your Organization
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How Intelligent Information Management Will Change Your Organization

Intelligent information management, often called IIM, is a group of processes designed to collect, organize, and manage many different types of data, all in one place. IIM includes computer files, emails, images, videos, and databases. A good platform will include device discovery, organizational infrastructure, software integration, data sharing, and more. So, how can intelligent information management change your organization for the better? Here are four ways you stand to benefit from this versatile tool.

Maximized Accessibility

By securely locating your content in a repository that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, you ensure that connectivity and collaboration are a breeze. No more digging through files or hunting for an email attachment. The content you need is up-to-date and available. In fact, intelligent information management means that any file you need directly comes to your computer, tablet, or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Scalable Content Management

Former approaches to content management have been represented by a huge monolith of software capabilities. Conversely, the new wave of intelligent information management is flexible, scalable, and diverse. No more attempting to cram your business processes into a one-size-fits-all box. Instead, IIM seeks to adapt to your various processes and applications. You purchase what you need now, knowing that whatever you may need later is available and compatible.

Powerful Search and Retrieval

There are countless ways that content enters an organization. For example, paper documents, online forms and transactions, emails, and even text messages bring data to your door. Because of these various sources of information, intelligent information management has built-in data capture. The system scans, retrieves, and integrates with any content-producing system in your business. Then, thanks to reliable indexing, any authorized party can access the data with a simple search. Locating the information you need doesn’t get any easier.

Security and Compliance

Some business owners worry that without an active IT department, their security risk increases. In reality, the opposite is true. Intelligent information management includes highly specialized credentials for every user. No one can accidentally access something they ought not. Additionally, the content is regularly backed-up and archived to protect your data in the case of natural disaster or other calamities. In the case of compliance, the content management system includes workflow software intended to capture, store, manage, and dispose of documents according to regulations. This frees you to focus on your business goals, not the status of your files.

Ultimately, your business needs tools that make things simpler. Your daily processes should be straightforward and user-friendly. You need reliable and versatile tools that can give you what you need when you need it. Intelligent information management aims to do just that. No more trying to put every company in the same box. To find out how IIM can meet your organization’s needs, contact MaxxVault today.