Document Management Software Integration with MS Office

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Document Management Software Integration with MS Office

It is essential for your business that your document management software integrates with common business applications, like Microsoft Office. MaxxVault document management software integration with Microsoft Office is essential to helping your employees work in applications that they use all the time. Users access, search, collaborate and review critical documents with MS Office in the repository easily. Employees are able to index documents straight into the server and retrieve files without leaving the program.

Types of Integration

Most document management system providers offer different types of integration depending on your needs, such as systems that integrate directly from the operating system. With this type of integration, the software simply adds options to your Print or Save As menu allowing you to archive documents in the repository. Additionally, DMS providers allow integration with custom applications. For example, the provider configures an application that allows you to monitor folders to automatically archive documents or to sync information with third-party applications. Moreover, custom scripting and custom programming are examples of advanced integration. These custom integrations require advanced programming skills and most likely need to be created by the DMS provider.

To ensure that your provider meets the needs of your growing business, select a provider that supports all of these different types of integration. Your provider should also integrate with a wide range of applications, like MS Office and industry specific software to ensure that your investment continues to meet your needs.

Benefits of Document Management Software

With MS Office integration, MaxxVault allows users to enjoy all the benefits of document management software. For example, documents are stored in your MaxxVault repository and made instantly available on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Capture documents from various sources like a user email, scanner, or fax. Users then organize documents as you wish without a physical filing cabinet. Additionally, index documents specifically for your business and locate them quickly. Use automatic workflow settings to instantly deliver documents to employees’ queue and allow multiple users access to documents simultaneously. A secure repository ensures no unauthorized access. Integration also allows you to maintain and track document versions for managerial control, or to track required documents for government regulations or audits. Finally, integration also gives you the ability to create auto archive settings. This ensures compliance for document retention and destruction.

Benefits of Integrating with MS Office

Users also enjoy additional benefits specific to Microsoft Office with seamless integration. Fortunately, most employees are already familiar with the application,so saving, editing, and printing documents is easy. User adoption is intuitive because employees already understand how to use Microsoft Office. Employees save emails and attachments directly to the MaxxVault repository. Users send documents from the repository directly from Outlook. Finally, you leverage your existing software applications without requiring additional hardware or software upgrades.

MaxxVault integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office. Your document management solution easily integrates with software that your employees use every day. Contact MaxxVault today for information on how to leverage your current software with the best document management system.