Instant Access to Documents Could Be the Answer to Office Productivity Crunches

Instant Access to Documents Could Be the Answer to Office Productivity Crunches
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Instant Access to Documents Could Be the Answer to Office Productivity Crunches

Office productivity fluctuates like the tides. In a perfect world, your office would hum like a well-oiled machine. In the real world, you’re rarely so lucky. One of the major factors behind productivity crunches is something slipping through the cracks. That file was supposed to be passed along and wasn’t. A bottleneck person went out of town. Upgrade your EDMS to allow instant access to documents and see your office productivity soar!


Check progress from anywhere

One of the best things about instant access to enterprise documents is that supervisors can check progress easily and quickly. This is especially useful for a large department where supervisors may not be up to date on everything happening with each client. Giving your supervisors instant access to documents increases the likelihood that they’ll be able to check in with every project. If something is getting caught in the pipeline, they’ll be able to see it and step in. Your supervisors are only human. They don’t have eyes in the back of their head, so instant access to documents will have to do instead.

Dump low value tasks from high value plates

Instant access to documents means that no one should be spending their entire day tracking down documents unless it’s their job. Certain technicians, assistants, and secretaries expect to have to do filing runs once or more per day. There are many other employees, however, whose time should be spent doing other things. Most work in a paper-bound office is grunt work. It’s not honoring the value of the time of your higher ups.

Every now and then, something will have to be done on paper. When paper isn’t required, however, sticking to it can seem counterproductive. People in your offices have a lot to do. Even if they’re not a bottleneck person, their days should and could be spent doing the jobs they were hired for. They can get more done on any given day. This will raise the office productivity level on average. It may seem obvious that you can avoid emergencies by getting more done on a regular basis, but many people underestimate just how much time a streamlined system can gain them.

No need to fear businesses trips

Office productivity often dips slightly when the boss is out. When the cat’s away, the mice will play, as the saying goes. However, bosses aren’t the only ones who go on business trips. They’re also not the only ones who cause problems when they do. Any senior department employee may be called upon to be out of the office for a while. They could be presenting at a conference or going to a job site. If they’re the expert, work can bottleneck around their desk. Instead of trying to plan your company’s business trips to fall outside of peak report season, fear not. Instant access allows your employees to remotely access your EDMS. They won’t have to skip out on important work just because they’re on the other side of the country again. No excuses, people!

Office productivity depends on ease of accountability and instant access. Keeping people in the loop—from supervisors to bottleneck personnel—is only a good thing. Your employees can spend less time pushing paper and more time doing their actual jobs. Say hello to skyrocketing productivity, and bye-bye to deadline crunches.