Insurance Industry Solutions

Control Expenditures, Increase Profitability and Provide Better Customer Service

insurance industry solutions

The insurance industry is plagued by mountains of paperwork that must be organized, reviewed and signed by clients, agents and underwriters. If your workflow isn’t smooth and concise, processing new clients and claims can be very time consuming and expensive.

MaxxVault Enterprise is the answer for a more efficient, organized and secure document workflow. MaxxVault will help your company capture, route and process documents with greater speed, accuracy and security than ever before. By automating your document flow in MaxxVault, your company will:

  • Process documents faster and dramatically increase efficiency
  • Gather scanned images and electronic files together for easy access
  • Share information between offices almost instantly and eliminate shipping costs
  • Reduce wasteful copying, consumables and storage space for a “greener” profile
  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Sarbanes-Oxley, and the eSign Acts
  • Protect your business from natural disasters with easy document back-up

The documents needed to process a new policy or claim can consist of mailed items, faxes, emails and electronic forms. MaxxVault makes gathering these documents easy, as employees and agents are able to scan paper documents directly to the central MaxxVault repository. In addition, MaxxVault can capture electronic files, emails and media files – such as video and audio – filing them alongside the scanned images into the appropriate folder for easy retrieval. Once documents are entered into the MaxxVault program they are instantly viewable by all authorized users, simultaneously, from any location. Additionally, using the MaxxVault workflow will direct and track a document and its progress throughout the underwriting or claims process, keeping your managers on top of employee productivity.

Also, gone are the days of long hours of the day spent searching for the necessary documents to complete a task. MaxxVault seamlessly integrates with most claims, policy, ERP and other business applications without special programming. Directly from the application screen workers can call up supporting documentation from MaxxVault, saving a great deal of time.

Customer service is always important, but in the insurance industry customer service is critical to retaining clients and fostering word-of-mouth growth. When a customer calls asking about their insurance coverage, odds are they emotionally or physically stressed and want an immediate response to alleviate their concerns. With MaxxVault Enterprise, your Customer Service team will be able to quickly access and view the entire customer file and claim status, providing them the means to answer queries immediately. Your customer service representatives will also be able to email documents to customers, agents and adjusters as needed.

Join such successful insurance providers as Kingsway Financial Service and JEVCO who have made the switch to MaxxVault.  The rapid processing of information while maintaining a high standard for document security and privacy has benefited their bottom line and made the task of compliant records management much easier. Spend less time and money managing paper and move to MaxxVault. The choice was never easier.

Use MaxxVault to help organize and route your important documents:

  • Claim Forms
  • Client Account
  • Transfers
  • Contracts
  • Fact Finders
  • Insurance Application
  • Insurance Contract
  • Insurance Quote
  • New Account Opening Forms
  • Policyholder Agreement
  • Wire Transfers

Use MaxxVault for these important industry tasks:

  • Automated invoice processing
  • Claim audit
  • Claims management
  • Claims resolutions
  • Claims review
  • Employee management
  • Invoice approval
  • Invoice matching
  • Performance review
  • Recruitment
  • Vendor inquiry


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Insurance companies throughout the country utilize the MaxxVault Platform to manage a wide variety of documents and information:


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