Document Management Software for Logistics and Transportation Industries

Document Management Software for Logistics and Transportation

In the transportation and distribution industry, your business territory can be geographically diverse, your communication and billing systems complex, and your services time critical. Adding to the challenge of remaining competitive are the growing burdens of escalating fuel and cargo costs, which make your budget even tighter than before. Managing and tracking all of your orders, shipments, expenses, maintenance schedules, and industry compliance requirements involves a huge number of documents – most of which are paper. The need for your transportation company to manage paper documents is a key to your company’s success. With document management software for logistics and transportation from MaxxVault, you can increase the processings speed for all your back office operations, expedite your accounts receivables, so you can get paid faster.

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Transportation and distribution companies can have hundreds, if not thousands of customers for whom they manage freight. Sales orders, pick lists, delivery receipts, change orders and invoices are just some of the documents that are manually shuffled, edited, signed and ultimately need to be filed correctly for later retrieval and review. The magnitude of documentation for each order can also make document retrieval a time consuming and costly burden. MaxxVault Enterprise can help you manage all of this information by automatically routing all necessary documents to the right people and making documents quick and easy to find.

Dealing with the paperwork that your company generates can be an enormous battle. Even if your company has strict methods of organization, your customers might require back-up information about past orders that could take your company hours (or days if stored off-site) to find with paper-based document management systems. With document management software for logistics and transportation from MaxxVault, document retrieval from the past and present is as immediate as the click of a button. When MaxxVault is utilized in the order fulfillment process, for instance, instant organization takes place as each document arrives. Documents are immediately filed by customer, order number, purchase order number or any other relevant data. Scanned in the warehouse, pick lists can be routed to the appropriate accounting clerk, based on index values, where the order can be adjusted in the billing system and invoices issued. Bills of lading or delivery receipts that need to be signed in person can also be scanned upon return or from remote sites right into MaxxVault, ensuring that a signature is always accessible and never lost.

“MaxxVault has played an instrumental part in our ability to speed up every aspect of our operations.  We utilize MaxxVault for document imaging and storage, but we have also integrated into our billing process. Our billing requires additional documentation that we obtain from shippers and/or consignees This documentation is often required to accompany an invoice. With additional programming, we are able to send invoices through MaxxVault to print,as well as print the needed additional documents, while archiving the invoice at the same time.  MaxxVault also allows us to speed up the processing of this paperwork by having our different terminal locations around the country image these documents so that we can invoice from our corporate headquarters the same day.”    —    Chris Black, CFO, Levinge Freight Lines

MaxxVault integrates with your company’s email system so that all communication can be archived, or so that documents can be sent instantly without the need to print them. MaxxVault can capture and display all types of documentation, including email [and attachments], Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, paper documents or the like. Furthermore, all necessary information can be easily integrated into MaxxVault’s workflow module so that proof of delivery (POD), invoice, claim forms, inspection reports and any associated documents can be electronically routed to all necessary users. More importantly, MaxxVault integrates seamlessly into all of your back office applications. Users will have access to immediate document retrieval from any step in the business process without having to leave the application they are using.

Likewise, customers can also be given instant access to their documentation so that freight tracking, delivery tickets, POD and invoices can be viewed at anytime from your company’s website. When clients have rapid and easy access to their information, your collection time will be significantly shorter, and service profits can be recognized much quicker in your company’s bottom line. In addition, having rapid access to all necessary information makes your company seem more trustworthy and stable, improving customer retention.

Cushion Your Budget

With the price of shipping on the steady increase, your company’s budget has little room for unnecessary office supplies. The investment in the MaxxVault Enterprise document management system will cut your paper, printer ink, fax, and mail cost immensely! Your team will be able to transfer documents around the office or between locations, view documents from the board room to the warehouse, and retrieve archived information instantly. End the paper shuffle in your office and keep your employees focused on revenue driving activity.

Drive Your Business with MaxxVault

Having a large number of clients is important to your company’s profitability, but equally important is having adequate measures in place to handle the documentation that their business will generate. Your transportation and distribution company will be more efficient at managing documents, have an easier time with their business cycle, and enjoy major savings in their office supply budget by implementing MaxxVault Enterprise. With MaxxVault in place, your company will be able to handle the teeming amounts of documentation, and be able to process and use that information immediately when needed. MaxxVault will help your company manage the document load, and drive you into a successful fiscal year!

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