Financial Document Management Software


Insurance, banking, mortgage and other financial industries continue to be paper intensive. So rather than fight it, successful companies are turning documents into electronic files that can be properly managed. In the process, loans close faster, overhead costs decline and revenues increase.

MaxxVault is a document management solution that helps win the paper battle, and also comply with regulatory requirements. For example, with a click of a button, you can automatically audit and package loan documents for review, editing and distribution — even if the files originate from disparate sources.

MaxxVault integrates with other line-of-business software systems using open technology such as XML.

Benefits you can measure:

  • Cash flow
    Shorten the funding cycle by having better access to loan documents.
  • Profitability
    Save time by automating the processing of information. Find documents faster by accessing them electronically.
  • Competitive edge
    Better information management improves business processes.
  • Faster service
    Improve response time with immediate access to documents from a PC.
  • Multiple locations
    Reduce time delays and improve communication by electronically sending documents between headquarters, remote branches and customers. Easily capture and integrate information from branch offices.
  • Eliminate manual sorting and matching
    Electronically match, assemble and print loan files and supporting documents.
  • Integration
    Automate data entry, verification, document creation and indexing using information from existing systems such as mortgage origination, processing and servicing.

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