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Document Management Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

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Because most customers at automotive dealerships are local and often repeat customers, it is vital to have positive initial purchase and service bay experiences. An automotive dealership’s sales, customer service, and parts departments all generate a great deal of paper, and managing this paper is expensive, time-consuming, and often unnecessary. With MaxxVault, your auto dealership can cut down on time-wasting tasks and unnecessary paper trails.

Eliminate Wasted Paper

MaxxVault can reduce the amount of paper your dealership consumes, the number of file cabinets in your location, fax machines, and even off-site storage because you can quickly find and directly e-mail documents instead of printing and mailing paper files.

Your staff also gains instant access to the files they need. Scan or print documents directly into MaxxVault once. Your employees will no longer have to search through row of filing cabinets to find the correct folder or file. Instead, employees can view all of the documents they need without leaving their desk.

Gain Efficiency

MaxxVault helps simplify the selling/financing process and keeps your customers happier through improved service. Your employees and your customers across the automotive dealership will see how much more efficient your service is with MaxxVault.