Document Management For Non-Profits

MaxxVault document management for non-profits provides an affordable workflow solution for your organization. Increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and ensure compliance with MaxxVault! We know most non-profit organizations operate on limited budgets, so you need solutions that won’t break the bank. Non-profits deal with endless amounts of paper and electronic documents that need to be managed. These documents also need to be accessible easily within their line of business software packages like Raisers Edge and Financial Edge. MaxxVault’s non-profit document management software has an immediate ROI as it helps improve organizational efficiency, reduces physical document storage and helps your company meet the compliance and security standards the non-profit sector demands.

Why does MaxxVault partner with Blackbaud? The answer is simple they are the market leader in providing software solutions to non-profit organizations and we have one of the most robust and cost effective enterprise document management systems in the market today. We have several product offerings at MaxxVault that can fit the almost any budget.

By implementing MaxxVault, you:

  • Increase companywide sharing of information
  • Improve businesses processes
  • Integrate with existing non-profit Blackbaud software packages
  • Reduce paper and increase document access times
  • Simple interface so even volunteer workers can learn how to scan and search for documents in a 5-10 minute training session
  • Full document and user audit trails

Accounting and Finance
Increase your processing times in your accounting and finance departments by implementing MaxxVault. MaxxVault allows for faster document processing and better document controls. With all the of integration tools available in MaxxVault integrating with your existing ERP is very straightforward. Check out more information on our MaxxDynamics page.

Contract Management
Contract Management does not need to be complex. With MaxxVault we integrate with industry leading CRM solutions like Document Management For SalesForce and Document Management For Microsoft Dynamics CRM that are used heavily in the contract management process. By removing paper from your processes it will allow them to become more secure and efficient. More efficient means your company will save time and money.

Human Resources
MaxxVault can help manage your legacy HR files or help with your new hire onboarding process. MaxxVault can easily integrate with your existing HCM solution – Human Capital Management – so employees can get real time access to employee information stored in MaxxVault without leaving their HCM screen.

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