Document Management for Manufacturing Industry

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The comprehensive nature of the software and ease of use makes MaxxVault the best document management software solution. Many manufacturing companies around the country benefit from using this software..

First, speed in the production line directly correlates to a manufacturing business’ success. Therefore, the quicker your product hits the world-market, the better response it generates in sales. Unfortuntely, a hiccup in your production line means the loss of your foot-hold to target audiences. Most importantly, this means the loss of customers.

Second, your company’s departments need to run at full-speed, put organization first, and adhere to quality regulation. Supporting all of this activity is a multitude of different documents, such as, drawings, emails, and order forms . Furthermore, there are specification sheets, shipping documents, regulatory filings, photos, faxes and video. With a traditional paper document trail, misplacing one page can become a hunt for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, costing many valuable hours spent looking for a single document. Not only that, but to comply with quality standards and client needs, audit trails are able to be pulled at anytime.

Third, using MaxxVault Enterprise as your company’s central repository for documents ensures there is never a misplaced document. Neither will there ever be a misused minute of your work company’s workday. Trace-ability and audit trails are easily and consistently attainable. Using MaxxVault in your manufacturing company keeps your process running more smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Better Cash Flow

MaxxVault accelerates your workflow, such as, order fulfillment, order tracking and the billing processes. Orders, warehouse pick lists and signed delivery receipts route immediately and accurately to the billing department. MaxxVault also helps improve collections as your staff is able to overcome payment objections. All relevant documentation are readily available for instant access and electronic delivery to your clients.

With MaxxVault as your central repository for all your documents, your company will eliminate late payment penalties. Also, your company will be able to take full advantage of vendor quick payment discounts. Bills imported into MaxxVault immediately route to your accounting personnel for processing. Managers track all the activity, identifying bottlenecks. Therefore, ensuring the processing of bills in a timely manner. Not only will better billing and bill payment improve your cash flow, but it minimizes accounts receivable. Also, it improves the relationship with your customers and vendors.

Easier Project Quality Auditing

The auditing done at your manufacturing site is complex, as well as, labor intensive. Ever changing safety regulations are difficult to deploy and track throughout your entire site. Therefore, MaxxVault helps facilitate distribution and track all employees that read and sign off on the document. This allows administrators to have instant access to staff safety compliance documents. Also, your site can easily change with all federal and private safety and quality compliance regulations.

MaxxVault also aids in tracing an entire project process. Many times your clients require that documentation be given for an entire project. MaxxVault provides the entire project audit, from initial proposal, to every signed off drawing and contracts. For simple usability, the most up-to-date version of each document will always be easily noted. They are also available to decision makers. Therefore, all necessary personnel can open it from his or her computer at their convenience. Then they can make their comments, assign tasks, or authorize with their signature. So, with easier organization in your document trail, decisions are made quicker and quality standards are more easily adhered to.

Better Customer Service

Customer service scores vastly increase with MaxxVault. Clients are thrilled by the immediate responses they receive. Your team will have access to entire customer files with all data regarding a single customer. These are linked directly from your line of business application. Project drawings, contracts, important signatures, emails, invoices, delivery slips and payment information are accessible. Therefore, you are immediately available to answer any of your customer’s questions. Improve the professionalism of your company by answering their questions right when they call. Satisfied customers are more likely to engage in future projects with your company. Furthermore, happy customers and partners will refer more projects to your company. With MaxxVault, your company enjoys a wide-spread reputation for being a trustworthy producer that cares about their clients.

Lower Operating Costs

Your operating costs are significantly lowered with the introduction of MaxxVault to your company. The need for printer toner and paper reduces drastically because multiple copies of a document are longer needed. Also, your company will save the office space needed to store all of your documents. MaxxVault allows your team to view and annotate documents from multiple locations, any time they need them. The most significant operating cost savings will be time. Your team no longer has to spend time during their work day to file, copy, print, organize or search. Your documents are always where you need them, when you need them, when sharing via MaxxVault.

Discover your potential

There is no time for hesitation in your production line due to the ever growing, highly competitive global-marketplace. You will have your engineering documents, computer-aided designs, and material safety data sheets just clicks away. Also, you can access purchase orders, invoices, proof of deliveries and emails. This allows your company the ability to work at its utmost potential. MaxxVault ensures that your company has control of all of its documents. This results in mobilizing your business cycle with quicker decision making and faster monetary collections. Furthermore, MaxxVault’s document management improvements will streamline your supply chain. Audits will be easier and compliance to quality standards will be less complicated. Your company will be able to compete in new and exciting business ventures because of their ability to work faster and more thoroughly. MaxxVault will help your company reach the next stage of its potential!


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