Law Enforcement

Document Management for Law Enforcement

Increase Officer Safety and Response Time by Streamlining and Automating the Flow of Information


MaxxVault Information Management Solutions enable police, sheriffs and state troopers to reduce operating costs while providing a more efficient platform for storing files and accessing information. With MaxxVault, critical documents and files, such as photos, videos and audio files, are stored in a secure repository that can be quickly accessed from records management systems (RMS), computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and GIS systems as well as mobile devices and laptops by officers in the field.

MaxxVault automates processes such as records requests, arraignments and warrants as well as providing self-service, online access to public records for constituents. And it doesn’t end there. MaxxVault can be expanded to other outside agencies such as  prosecution, courts, public defenders and correctional facilities, allowing them to share the common documents as cases move throughout each agency, saving even more time and money and streamlining information side of the judicial process.

With MaxxVault, paper elimination speeds up processes and provides secure, instant access to staff and personnel as needed, when needed – whether in the field or at the office. MaxxVault helps redirect staff resources to community safety, allowing law enforcement agencies to provide maximum service even with reduced budgets and smaller staff.

Benefits you can measure:

  • Cash flow
    Shorten the funding cycle by having better access to loan documents.
  • Efficiency
    Save time by automating the processing of information. Find documents faster by accessing them electronically.
  • Faster service
    Improve response time with immediate access to documents from a laptop or mobile device.
  • Multiple locations
    Reduce time delays and improve communication by electronically sending documents between headquarters, officers in the field and constituents. Easily capture and integrate information from multiple locations.
  • Eliminate manual sorting and matching
    Electronically match, assemble and print case files and supporting documents such as video and photographs.
  • Integration
    Automate data entry, verification, document creation and indexing using information from existing systems.