Document Management For Government

Towns, cities and municipalities are complex organizations, composed of multiple departments providing widely diverse services. From police reports to sewage system maps or building permits to by-laws, the work involved in running a municipality generates a huge volume of documents.

document management for government

Routing, filing, managing and storing both paper and electronic documents costs cities millions of dollars annually; often, these costs seem hidden in the larger budget in the form of floor space taken up by multiple file rooms or labor inefficiencies searching for electronic documents in the network folders or email. By drastically reducing the volume of paper consumed, printing and copying, transportation, storage facilities, and the labor needed to manage these documents, municipalities can expect a drastic improvement to the operating budget. It can also provide a noticeable improvement in client services and provide real “green” program benefits.

Departmental Solutions

The MaxxVault Enterprise document management software suite is designed to handle diverse document types and workflows. Since each department has its own unique documents and processes, MaxxVault is ideal for delivering increased accessibility, efficiency and security. MaxxVault has the tools to help every department manage their documents or share them across departments as required.

  • Council Chambers
  • Finance and Tax Centers
  • Human Resources
  • City Clerk
  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, EMS)
  • Licensing and Permits
  • Facilities Management
  • Housing Authority


Collaboration tools track changes to documents 

Immediate access to documents and data when needed

Easy sharing of information

Document workflow speeds decision and approval process

Easily publish agendas and minutes to the city website for public access

Create a central library of municipal records for easy access and distribution

Enable high security while also speeding access when required

Ensure documents are monitored, kept and destroyed according to legal obligations

Quickly find documents

Avoid unnecessary duplication

Provide a complete audit trail on documents and/or users. 

Store all records (scanned paper and electronic documents) in the same location

Paper applications can be slowly reduced or even phased out completely

Eliminate lost records

Allow instant access to documents (enhancing customer services)

Eliminate shipping of documents between departments

Speed up processing times

Allow direct access to supporting documents from within Line-of-Business programs

Ensure proper security to the documents

Government agencies and municipalities throughout the country utilize MaxxVault to manage a wide variety of documentation and information.

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