Document Management Software for Energy and Utility Sector


Utility companies are highly regulated and could have millions of documents that need to be controlled and managed in order to meet government regulations. MaxxVault solutions can help ensure compliance and corporate governance, improve operational productivity and help improve customer communications. At MaxxVault, we are experts in document management and workflow industry and can help organizations in the energy sector to streamline their mission critical processes. Whether you’re working at head office or need mobile access MaxxVault has you covered.

By implementing MaxxVault, you:

  • Increase companywide sharing of information
  • Improve businesses processes
  • Streamline Standard Operating Procedures
  • Meet and exceed compliance requirements
  • Reduce paper and increase document access times

Accounting and Finance
Increase your processing times in your accounting and finance departments by implementing MaxxVault. MaxxVault allows for faster document processing and better document controls. With all the of integration tools available in MaxxVault integrating with your existing ERP is very straightforward. Check out more information on our MaxxDynamics page.

Contract Management
Contract Management does not need to be complex. With MaxxVault we integrate with industry leading CRM solutions like SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM that are used heavily in the contract management process. By removing paper from your processes it will allow them to become more secure and efficient. More efficient means your company will save time and money.

Human Resources
MaxxVault can help manage your legacy HR files or help with your new hire onboarding process. MaxxVault can easily integrate with your existing HCM solution – Human Capital Management – so employees can get real time access to employee information stored in MaxxVault without leaving their HCM screen.