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Your School’s Need:

Any school, K-12 and the university alike, battle the demands of an ever-growing student body. Every year a bounty of new students is admitted to your school, and their growing file requires proper maintenance. According to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), even after students leave/graduate their records must be stored indefinitely. MaxxVault Enterprise can help your school handle the ever growing administrative burden of student records, leaving your staff more time to do what they are most passionate about – teaching and guiding their students.

The MaxxVault Answer:

Quick and Easy Access to Data:
The need to properly maintain documents goes well beyond maintaining student records. Your school or campus has its own human resource records, meeting minutes, campus police records, library records and accounting department files that need to be easily accessible, properly managed and secured. Using MaxxVault Enterprise as a central repository for your school’s documents gives personnel across the school board the immediate access they need to important information.

In order to eliminate paper, MaxxVault supports industry standard multi-function printers (MFPs) as well as TWAIN and Kofax scanners. MaxxVault can also capture document output from business applications or documents can be saved directly to the MaxxVault repository from Microsoft Office. Taking it one step further, using MaxxVault E-Forms, many paper documents can be converted to electronic documents, such as: leave of absence requests, substitute teacher logs, transcript requests or purchase orders. When submitted, the E-Form passes field values to the business system while the form itself is saved as a record and either filed or routed to the appropriate manager for approval.

Accessing documents using MaxxVault is simple and efficient. Authorized staff will have immediate (and simultaneous) access to documents; there is no need to make multiple copies or run deliveries between locations. Using the MaxxVault index or full text search ability, documents can be found in seconds. In addition, MaxxVault can automatically link related documents together. For example, an entire student file would be accessible from any individual record.

User profiles control access to documents and protect private information from prying eyes. Administrators can set user rights from “read only” to full administrator. Because the documents are protected by both login credentials and user privileges, it is much more secure than a paper filing system where documents can go missing, be left unsecured or copied by anyone with access.

Streamlined Business Processes:
Your admissions, financial aid, transcripts and billing departments have a tremendous amount of information flowing through their offices. MaxxVault can replicate these document workflows electronically, providing:

  • Dramatic reduction in lost or misplaced files;
  • Seamless workflow between physical locations;
  • Easily auditable workflows to find and eliminate bottlenecks;
  • Rapid document processing.

Better Implementation of Policies and Regulations:
To meet FERPA record retention requirements, all student records, transcripts and correspondence must be kept and secured to protect student privacy. Once a student has moved on, the student file can be archived into a “read only” archive folder while the appropriate user access and retention schedule is applied to each document type. Storing documents in MaxxVault eliminates the need for large file rooms and keeps even old, archived records close at hand. With MaxxVault, alumni could call at any time and have their records sent to them instantly via email!

Get on board!

Implementing MaxxVault to manage student, staff and administrative documents increases document security and availability while reducing costs. MaxxVault streamlines document processing and keeps all needed records within easy grasp of authorized users. By easily and efficiently taking care of your document management needs of the past and present, MaxxVault prepares your school for the future.

MaxxVault will help your educational institution manage these documents and more:

  • Course Add/Drop Forms
  • Application for Semester Withdrawal
  • Applications for Admission, Graduation and Residence
  • Authorization to Give Medication
  • Change of Address Forms
  • Change of Major/Program Form
  • College Credit Certification Form
  • Diplomas
  • Emergency Contact
  • Enrollment Certifications
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Financial Aid Disbursement Records
  • Financial Statements
  • Friends and Family Scholarship Application
  • Grade Appeal Form
  • Immunization Reporting Form
  • Insurance Card – accident insurance
  • Late Registration Waivers
  • Letter Request
  • Letter Request and Deferment
  • Name Change Affidavit
  • Parental Registration Statement – High School
  • Parking Permit Applications
  • Privacy Requests
  • Report Cards
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Transcript Requests
  • Transcripts
  • Withdrawal Forms

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