Document Management For Healthcare Companies

From major medical centers to specialized clinics, healthcare concerns around the world rely on MaxxVault to manage their critical information.

document management for healthcare companies from MaxxVault
In this age of regulation, electronic management of data is increasingly important. Whether you’re trying to improve access to patient records or adhering to strict FDA requirements, MaxxVault document management for healthcare is the best software solution for you. How?

MaxxVault provides solutions to small, medium and large companies in the healthcare services market. MaxxVault can be tailored for specific needs with a narrow feature set, expanded as needed to a full Enterprise document management Storage Solution , or as a SaaS solution housed in our secure Shared Data Center. The goal is always the same: Reduce overhead costs by automating tasks and improving productivity.

Resolve industry needs such as:

  • Confidentiality
    Security so only authorized individuals see patient health information.
  • Auditing
    Provide a record of patient health information disclosures.
  • Access
    System users only have access to information they are authorized to see.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Patient health information documents are backed up electronically for offsite disaster recovery.
  • Workflow Distribution
    Streamline business practices with electronic distribution and safeguards to ensure documents reach the correct person and are processed within your defined time constraints.
  • Scanning
    Eliminate the need for costly paper file storage, access files almost instantly, and reduce printing, copying and shopping costs.
  • Real-time Reporting
    Immediate processing statistics and management reports providing managers and supervisors with reports for making decisions thereby improving productivity and preventing errors.

Claims Processing with MaxxVault

Processing claims quickly will lower costs and make your customers happier. MaxxVault enhances your business by putting all the relevant documentation associated with a claim at the fingertips of your processors, moving claims quickly through the system according to your business rules. Scanning documents to the MaxxVault repository ensures that your staff does not have to spend any time searching for supporting documentation; the risk of lost or misplaced files is effectively eliminated. With immediate access to documents, determining the validity of a claim has never been faster, which allows processors to quickly process codes and treatment plans. Managers can also quickly uncover processing bottlenecks and immediately re-route claims to other processors at any location around the world. Faster review makes for happier customers as doctors are paid sooner and their patients receive access to secondary or specialist care more quickly.

For our claims processing reporting tool, see MaxxClaim.

Document Storage Benefits

From an administration point of view, storing documents electronically in MaxxVault increases document security and helps simplify regulatory compliance. With MaxxVault, only employees with security credentials can access documents. Access can be further controlled, including restricting the ability to print, e-mail or make changes to the document. In addition, each document and user’s entire activity history is recorded for auditing purposes.

Simplify and improve your business by letting MaxxVault manage your documents. Processing claims has never been easier.

  • Streamline claims and enrollment workflow processes
  • Reduce paper storage, copying and printing cost
  • Documents linked to claims processing system for instant access/reference
  • HIPAA compliance through strict access security to patient data
  • Aid in meeting quality standards
  • Efficient agent activity monitoring process
  • Claim status monitoring in real time

Use MaxxVault for these important tasks:

Medical Billing

  • Accelerates receivables
  • Workflow process routes electronic documents through verification, coding and billing
  • HIPAA compliance providing required patient data security
  • Reduce cost associated with copying, faxing and courier service
  • Tie related documents together
Health Information Management

  • Accelerate scheduling and registration process
  • Immediate access to patient information
  • One-time patient data collection and verification process
  • HIPAA compliance by protecting patient data
  • Bar coding to enhance medical records processing
  • Improved release of information request
  • Compliance management with document tracking and security
  • Audit trail to demonstrate regulatory compliance