Improve Customer Service with Enterprise Document Management

Improve Customer Service with Enterprise Document Management
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Improve Customer Service with Enterprise Document Management

Enterprise document management opens the door to satisfied customers. It also gives you the ability to satisfy customer inquiries quickly and easily. Access information across departments with ease. Lastly, it allows you to control who sees which documents and when. Never deal with an information bottleneck again. Give your customers the kind of positive customer service experience that keeps them coming back for more.


Instant access to information

Imagine if your customer-facing employees could spend less time pushing papers and more time fielding customer inquiries. The instant access to information that an enterprise document management system offers saves time on every customer transaction. The smoothly working features allow your customer-facing employees to transition easily between information sets. They could answer your customer’s questions about their shipping information and then transition instantly to your warranty information.

The instant access to information allows your customer service representatives to speak with authority. They can quickly answer a customer’s questions, no matter how general or specific. They can assure them of the accuracy of their responses. Every prompt, accurate, authoritative answer increases your customer’s satisfaction. Your reputation can continue to grow on the backs of these great reviews.

Controlled access to documents by customers

Doing business digitally doesn’t mean you have a fully functional enterprise document management system. For example, when you email a file to a client they’re not sending back the same thing. They open it, make a copy, and send it back to you. They could have the file still on their computer. This is fine if a client only needs to access their own data, but what happens if that employee leaves their role? Customers need to know that their data is safe.

An enterprise document management solution will allow you to share access to files, not files themselves. You can get a client’s input without giving up control of the files. Your customers can trust that you’re keeping their information safe.

Oversights allow employees to follow a document’s progress

Controlling the access to your documents also allows you to run oversights. Automated workflow is easier to track. Your customer service representatives can see where a customer’s order is, or who in the company is reviewing their claim, comment, or complaint without having to ask around. This keeps customers up to date. It also helps reduce the information bottleneck problem. When every document has to pass through one of just a handful of people, it can cause a roadblock. For the customer service representative, knowing exactly where the process is blocked can be a huge help. They could send a friendly reminder to the person in charge, and be able to report back to your customers where their order, request, or information release is. Once that’s been happening a while your customers will know that “It’s on the boss’s desk, you’ll have your answer by closing time,” is actually reliable.

The more information your customer-facing employees have, the better. A document management system will help you keep your staff on task and on time. Building a reputation for great customer service starts with giving your staff the tools for success. They can’t do much without those!