Improve Your Customer Service With E-Forms

Improve Your Customer Service With E-Forms
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Improve Your Customer Service With E-Forms

Customer satisfaction makes or breaks a company. While electronic document management certainly helps your organization’s internal operations, the benefits extend to customer relationships as well. One excellent tool that electronic content services bring to customer relations is the use of e-forms. Moving the many customer forms your organization manages to an electronic format brings with it a variety of benefits. Today we will look at three types of e-forms and how they improve your customer service as well as your productivity.


Historically, registrations are some of the slowest forms to process. The process of printing, completing and mailing a form was only the beginning. Once the completed registration was received, it could be weeks or even months before the form was entered manually into a database. This brought its own challenges, including lost paperwork and transcription errors. The new standard e-form removes all of that margin for error as well as the time delay. Whether your customer is registering a product or registering for your customer loyalty program, when they submit the registration e-form they are immediately included in your database. This instantaneous assimilation of information carries benefits for you and your customers. You capture information seamlessly while your customer receives registration confirmation without delay.


Customer surveys are an excellent way to measure customer interest, satisfaction, and loyalty. When you use e-forms, you gain the ability to customize and populate surveys regularly. Once the surveys are complete, the reporting features grant you unique insights into your customers’ perspectives and opinions. Clients are far more loyal to companies that listen and show interest in their experiences.


Similarly to registrations, requests have notoriously been processed slowly. Instead of relying on phone messages or mail-in requests, e-forms allow your customers to requests service calls, information, and more via a quick visit to your webpage. You experience the same speed on your end of the transactions, as requests populate automatic responses, workflows, or calendar notifications. As the system enters requests, it also tracks each correspondence carefully and groups e-forms by types. This allows you to look carefully on reporting according to request type, customer, product, and more.

Any tool that improves your customers’ experience while improving your business is an obvious choice. E-forms improve your organization on every level, allowing every interaction to be productive, efficient, and positive for both parties. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today to learn more about our e-forms tools and how they can benefit your customers.