How MaxxVault Can Help You With Data Retrieval

How MaxxVault Can Help You With Data Retrieval
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How MaxxVault Can Help You With Data Retrieval

Think back to when you were in grade school or college. You spent an entire quarter learning a plethora of information, and then mid-terms hit. You are suddenly charged with recalling everything you learned over time in order to answer questions for your grade. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any software you could use to retrieve all that information for your test. In the business world, data retrieval is also important, but it isn’t considered cheating to use computer software to bring it up. If you or your business has been gathering data right and left, you need a data retrieval plan. Let’s take a look at how MaxxVault can help you with data retrieval.

What is data retrieval?

Data retrieval is basically what it sounds like. People and businesses collect data on a regular basis. It might be customer information, pricing information, or information on how well a particular product sold at any given time, but data pours in from every tiny crevice. What do we do with that data? The first step is selecting the software you are going to use in order to file the information, so you can retrieve it when you need it.


MaxxVault offers an excellent solution to your data storage and retrieval needs. We call it MaxxDocs, and it is a powerful tool your business can manage data. Let’s take a look at a few ways MaxxDocs can help your business.

Law Office: Legal matters tend to generate lots of paper work and/or electronic documents. In the past, legal employees would often print emails and electronic files to keep everything in one place. With MaxxDocs, these firms can cut down on the cost of storing and retrieving paper files by changing paper files into electronic files instead. Electronic files are much easier to store, secure, and retrieve. Not only can your firm easily pull up files, but sharing documents with others is easier.

Human Resources: Human Resources departments take in piles and piles of private and personal information. Whether seeking to hire someone for a new position, or collecting paperwork from current employees, HR Departments are loaded with paperwork and information. Rather than collect a bunch of paper, MaxxDocs can act as the database and filing cabinet for the department. Data retrieval is as simple as one little mouse click. No more pouring through filing cabinets and folders.

Research Institutions: There are many industries where research is a major part of what they do: university research labs, pharmaceutical companies, geological companies. All of the data compiled from tests, studies, and other research has to be collected and filed away. It is also important that the data is easy to pull up for reviewing. MaxxDocs is an economical choice for making the process of filing, organizing and collaborating on research easy. Working as a central library, anyone from the research team, or whomever is chosen to have access, can get to data using index searches. One of the benefits of using MaxxDocs for your filing and data retrieval needs is that more than one person can pull up the same document at one time. This can be great for meetings, or when you have researchers in the field, but need to discuss a particular data set.

One study estimated that $19,000 per employee was wasted each year on creating and searching for documents and re-creating lost documents. Most small- to mid-sized businesses do not have that kind of money to throw away. Save time and money by letting MaxxVault handle your data retrieval needs.