How Local Governments Use Document Management for Townships

How Local Governments Use Document Management for Townships
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How Local Governments Use Document Management for Townships

We’ve written before about the benefits of document management for government. However, different governmental bodies face different challenges, based on their size and location. It is also true that the smaller an area a government serves, the less support it is likely to receive. Therefore, it is essential that local governments find the right tools to support the day-to-day operations of their districts. There are a variety of regular tasks that are simplified by document management for townships. Here are a few of the ways local governments take advantage of these tools.

Processing Requests

Processing citizen requests takes a significant amount of time. Document management for townships includes one system to integrate every form and type of request. The software tracks requests made in person, by phone, or online until fulfillment. Once electronic, the system routes forms to the correct department. Never lose track of a request or application again.

Housing Public Documents

Internal documents are not only housed in a document management system. With the right platform, your documents are organized and even published as needed. Any authorized personnel has the ability to make documents public online. For instance, regularly publish ordinances, codes, minutes, schedules, applications, and budgets with a click.

Licensing and Permits

As another integrated solution for townships, a document management system allows townships to process and manage licenses and permits digitally with full tracking. Regardless of how citizens make requests or applications, the system stores, routes, processes, and records them in the same system. Thanks to full integration, all departments and citizens stay up-to-date and departments process applications quickly and accurately.


Keeping track of document security and disposal requirements is easily a full-time job. Most smaller governments do not have the staff or funding to designate a compliance officer. Document management software includes built-in compliance measures, allowing you to meet all mandates without additional cost. All departments are audit-ready with minimal oversight or management.

Constituents expect local governing bodies to meet high standards. At the same time, local governments often find themselves understaffed, undertrained, and overwhelmed. By automating and organizing many of a local government’s daily tasks, document management for townships offers small governments compliance and efficiency despite these challenges. Interested to hear more? MaxxVault holds the General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70 certification, meaning we provide convenience and lower prices to any government agency looking for document management and workflow solutions. Contact MaxxVault today to learn more.