How Electronic Document Management Saves Money in Lost Labor

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How Electronic Document Management Saves Money in Lost Labor

Save Time

More than anything else, switching to an electronic document management system saves time for your company. Every second counts when the clock is running on your business’s time. Managing your company’s documents online allows easy access for employees to access all necessary documents with ease. This process takes much less time than digging through messy, cluttered filing cabinets. Electronic document management streamlines processes for your employees, meaning more tasks can be completed each work day. Beyond searching for documents, this also includes sending documents to clients and other companies. Rather than having to make a physical copy of a document and send it in the mail, employees can simply attach already-digitized files to an email. When each task takes less time and effort, your company immediately becomes a more efficient place of work.

Disaster Prevention

In using traditional, physical file management, mistakes can be disastrous. Paper files will always be prone to accidents. While it may seem like your files are completely protected in metal filing cabinets, this is not always the reality. Natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes can damage or even completely destroy your company’s data. An electronic document management system completely eliminates the risk of your files being destroyed. Although hard disks can also be damaged, electronic files are easily backed up to multiple locations. Even if your local computer is destroyed by water damage, online backups allow your files to live on. Even if your entire office is destroyed, the company can continue to function into the future through the use of file backups. Electronic document management allows your company to prepare for the worst in an automatic manner every day.

Enhanced Customer Relations

If your company relies heavily on customer service interactions, electronic document management systems greatly enhance employee-customer relations. Today’s consumer wants immediate feedback and will let you know right away when they are dissatisfied. Electronic document management gives employees quick access to customer files. Staff members are able to quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries and demands. Electronic documents are also much easier to keep consistently updated than their physical counterparts. This minimizes confusion and misinformation between customers and the company and ensures everyone is on the same page. Staff members can quickly resolve customer issues, allowing them to then move on to other business which requires their attention.


While moving from a traditional filing system to an electronic one may seem like it is not worth the effort, doing so cuts costs for your company on a daily basis. Making the effort to move to electronic document management will save your company time, money, and keep your customers satisfied, too.