How Document Management for Nonprofits Can Improve Efficiency

How Document Management for Nonprofits Can Improve Efficiency
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How Document Management for Nonprofits Can Improve Efficiency

When it comes to running a nonprofit, you want things to run efficiently. This is why document management for nonprofits is so vital. From households to startups, efficiency is the key to smooth operating systems and lower costs. For nonprofits, who have the added complexity of stewardship, anything to improve efficiency is a bonus. So how can document management for nonprofits help efficiency for you? Let’s look at some areas where your nonprofit can enjoy the benefits of document management.


Paper can take up a lot of time. Creating documents, updating them, getting people to fill out forms, filing, etc. All of these steps take time, and people to execute. Historically, nonprofits run on very little manpower to preserve cash flow. Freeing up your staff from time consuming paper processes is a great example of how document management for nonprofits can improve overall efficiency. Wouldn’t you rather have your staff focused on the field, fundraising or community engagement? Since we can’t change the laws governing the documents and forms, we can at least find better ways to manage them.


There may be some volunteers who don’t mind dedicating their extra hours to helping a nonprofit run a better office. One could argue, though, that most volunteers are donating their time because they care about the cause. Sticking your non paid workforce in a paper heavy office and asking them to file documents may not be altogether fair. It could also cause issues with volunteer availability and retention. Plus, a lot of the documentation could carry with it information that volunteers aren’t permitted to see. Document management for nonprofits can help you reduce the number of people needed to organize and track information. You can also set important security clearance levels depending on who has authority to see what.


Compliance requirements have a tendency to change. Sometimes they change at a relentless pace. It can be an undertaking with the most cash rich for profit to keep up with. So how can a small nonprofit manage to stay compliant while still doing important work? Document management for nonprofits can provide the link need to keep executives in the loop when requirements change. It’s also possible to set a process for the lifecycle of that change. For example, let’s say there is a new form that all volunteers have to fill out. By digitizing your paper trail, volunteers can get secured access to these documents and securely fill them out and return without needing a printer or fax.

Money Savings

Nonprofits more than other businesses are in a constant struggle to raise money and budget it successfully.  Document management for nonprofits is cheaper than additional staff. There is also some sense of security from errors when you digitize your document management. Many companies offer bundled document management options for those who are unable to spend a lot of money. The cost savings is in additional staff, non compliance fines and even in time lost tracking down misfiled papers or pulling documentation for audits.

Utilizing document management for nonprofits can save your organization in a number of ways. It allows your staff to focus their time on running the daily operations without being weighed down by heavy paper handling. Volunteers can help make your organization shine even brighter by getting their hands in thing that interest them. Additionally, the digital compliance monitoring will protect you from being vulnerable to legal dangers. Finally, you can build a reputation for being a good steward of you resources which encourages those who give, to give more.