How Document Management Can Help Your HR Department

How Document Management Can Help Your HR Department
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How Document Management Can Help Your HR Department


Document Management For Human Resources:

Your Human Resources department has several responsibilities, including hiring employees, keeping organizations up to date with compliance, employee retention and well-being, and payroll and benefits. With all the duties your HR department has, wouldn’t you love to make sure everything is running more efficiently? Let’s take a quick look at how document management can help your HR department.

Painful paperwork

One of the most time consuming tasks that your HR department deals with is paperwork. When you hire a new employee, there are pages and pages of paperwork that have to be printed, copied, filled out, and filed. If your HR department has document management software, this paperwork can be done on the computer automatically. No more searching for the right files to pull up and print or copy. One study suggests that the time wasted on documents costs a company $19,000 per worker per year. Imagine how much time and money your HR department is throwing away without document management software.

Document management for human resources software is also secure. Your HR department won’t have to worry about someone wandering in and pulling up an employee’s private information. Document management software can apply secure protection to files so that only certain groups of people can be given access to open and edit files. Your HR department will rest easy knowing that the files they receive are safe, and employees can be sure their information is secure.

Managing new applicants

HR departments don’t just receive resumes when the company advertises they are looking to fill a new position – people send resumes to businesses all the time. Document management can help your HR department by automatically sorting applicant emails. For example, document management software can sort all the emails and submissions dealing with marketing in a file of marketing applicants. When it’s time to hire someone in the marketing department, these files, along with new submissions, can be reviewed. When your company is actively seeking to fill a position, document management software can send applications to the correct department head for perusal. At times when there are no jobs available, an automatic message can be sent to applicants thanking them for their submission.

Focus on what matters

Document management can free your HR team up to focus on other duties. As mentioned before, your HR department is charged with employee retention and satisfaction. With all their time freed up from paperwork, your HR department can focus more on these essential tasks. After all, if you can cut down on employee turnover, there will be a lot less paperwork to fill out and file. The HR Department can spend time planning team building outings, activities, and other social gatherings to encourage company bonding. Statistics show that engaged employees bring in 2.5 times more revenue for a company than employees who are unengaged. Document management can help your HR Department focus on the well-being of your employees, and in turn, help your company.

There are many things that document management software can do for your company, and these things are notably visible within your HR department. Purchase document management for your HR team, and start seeing benefits today.