Grow Your Bottom Line with Salesforce Document Management

Grow Your Bottom Line with Salesforce Document Management
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Grow Your Bottom Line with Salesforce Document Management

As more companies use Salesforce to consolidate sales data and processes, they discover a need for more than the software can offer. Firstly, many employees hesitate in their adoption of the new platform. Secondly, due to lack of storage on Salesforce itself, users regularly find themselves entering and exiting the program to access the files they need. Salesforce document management offers solutions for these difficulties. Read on to discover more about the benefits of integrating document management with your Salesforce subscription.

Document Management and Storage

Salesforce was not created to house a large volume of document or file storage. This can often lead to employees turning to outside storage and becoming frustrated with the functionality of the platform. As the name implies, Salesforce document management stores and links all sorts of documents and media files. They are secure and accessible to any of your sales team who needs them.

Keep Your Team in Salesforce

In order to encourage users to adopt the Salesforce software, it is essential that the platform meet all of their sales process needs. With Salesforce document management, your team accesses all documents and data directly, without needing to leave the Salesforce window. This improves your company’s efficiency and effectiveness while also encouraging your staff to commit to the Salesforce platform entirely. Sales and Customer Service employees work completely inside of Salesforce to create, store, and manage their documents.

Security Ensured

While Salesforce includes many useful components, it lacks the security necessary to properly protect your company and clients. With MaxxVault’s Salesforce document management, you gain secure document management via MaxxCloud. Our top of the line security keeps your documents locked safely away while provided complete and instant access to anyone with the correct credentials.

Workflow and Automation

This is one of the greatest benefits of Salesforce document management. A MaxxVault partnership gives you the ability to automate the document creation process by dynamically merging Salesforce data into a document template or by using e-forms. Additionally, MaxxVault Workflow Automation Software tracks each step of your document’s lifecycle. This gives your team the chance to spend less time managing paperwork and more time serving customers.

Salesforce document management is an essential piece of effectively utilizing your sales and service platform. MaxxVault offers effective solutions for companies who use Salesforce. Encourage your team into full adoption, streamline document creation and processing, and ensure the security of every file, all while saving money. To learn more about MaxxVault Salesforce document management, contact MaxxVault today.