When is it a Good Time to Switch to Cloud Document Management

When is it a Good Time to Switch to Cloud Document Management
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When is it a Good Time to Switch to Cloud Document Management


Making the switch to cloud document management can save your business times and money in the long run. Choosing the right time to switch to cloud maximizes your benefits while minimizing your potential issues. Unfortunately, there’s not one simple, steady answer to this. You can’t point to the calendar and say “Yes, the 23rd of May is the best time to switch to cloud document management.” It will depend on your business, and where you are with it. These signs will show you that you’re entering a good time to make the leap from paper or local storage to cloud document management.

At the start of a quarter

Switching to cloud based management isn’t always like flipping a switch. It’s often a process of moving more and more documents to the cloud. Starting this process at the start of a quarter can help you gauge how the cloud service is performing as the quarter progresses. It often helps with organization as well. It’s just easier to keep track of things when they line up. If your productivity goes up the first quarter you use cloud document management, that could be a sign it’s going well. On the other hand, if you start in the middle of the quarter it becomes less clear if it’s having any effect.

When you move to a new location

Moving to a new location highlights how convenient it is to have all your data stored in the cloud. Setting up at a new location is as easy as logging in. Arranging to switch to the cloud while you’re organizing your physical move, or company expansion to a new location, provides you with a much quicker setup on the other end.

After a testing period

If your company prefers things “tried and true”, there’s no need to rush a switch to the cloud. Many businesses want to hold off implementing a new strategy, of any kind, on an enterprise-wide level. There’s simply too much at stake if things go wrong. Fortunately, cloud technology is easily scalable to a single department, or a whole company. You can take cloud tech on a test drive and decide after a testing period to make the switch for your whole company. If you already use a lot of proprietary programs, organization systems, and so forth, it can be useful to test these with a cloud service to tweak it to your specific needs.

Before disaster strikes

The one thing you shouldn’t do is wait for a major data failure before switching to the cloud. Cloud services offer redundancies and security measures that you don’t usually get with your own servers. Cloud services can’t get back information that you’ve lost. Don’t wait for a critical failure to think about upgrading to cloud document management. Act before disaster strikes.

Switching to cloud document management is not a one size fits all process. For the best results, you should aim to find the best time for your company. It could be when you start a new quarter or open a new location. It could be after a cloud service is customized to fit your needs. Just act before you need the security and redundancy of cloud services to protect your data. It can’t help after.