Getting Started with Document Management Just Got Easier: MaxxDocs 5.0 Available September 15, 2011

Islandia, NY — Sep 15, 2011 / ( — MaxxVault LLC is proud to announce the release of MaxxDocsTM 5.0, improving further upon their powerful yet easy to use document management solution. MaxxDocs captures documents from scanners, MFPs, network folders or from any application via virtual printer driver. Once captured, documents are indexed for quick retrieval. Documents stored in MaxxDocs can be manipulated just like a paper file with notes, highlights and redactions.

In MaxxDocs 5.0 document capture is even easier with support for both Kofax VRS and Kodak Capture Pro technology. Upon import, these image files become fully text searchable documents thanks to the new MaxxDocs OCR scan station. Users searching for documents now have the ability to search by index value or through the text in electronic and scanned documents. Further document identification is also now available using Bates numbering, making MaxxDocs ideal for legal applications.

“A lot of offices are using basic Windows folders to store their scanned documents, thinking that this is an adequate solution,” said Bruce Malyon, CEO of MaxxVault LLC. “However, regular file folders do not provide granular security, easy system auditing or index and full text search capabilities. MaxxDocs fills a very real need in the market for a powerful solution which can do these things for an affordable price. Regular network folders might work fine for the first few thousand documents but it becomes a nightmare when there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of documents. MaxxDocs makes filing and finding important information easier than ever. With customizable toolbars and searches, managing the document repository is a snap.”

Getting started with a proper document management system has never been easier than MaxxDocs 5.0. Simple to use, MaxxDocs is fully scalable to MaxxVault Enterprise, ensuring it will grow with its users’ needs. Inexpensive and powerful, MaxxDocs can help any organization eliminate space intensive paper files and properly control electronic files.