Getting Started with a Document Management System

Getting Started with a Document Management System
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Getting Started with a Document Management System

As you consider digitization, it may be overwhelming to sort through the many options offered by online document management. However, this is an excellent time to make positive changes. A digital transformation provides opportunities to evaluate your storage, workflow, and security practices. Here are some important considerations as you get started with your new document management system.


Whether you are migrating documents from a different system or scanning them to digitize for the first time, you need to decide which documents to keep. Any records requirements, either for compliance or standard procedure, are clear guidelines. Additionally, discarding duplicates, unused file types, and unnecessary versions is a great start.

But what about all the leftover data?  Because the answer to this question will be different for each organization, each team, and each project, encourage your staff to review their goals. By looking at the planned outcomes and objectives of each project, employees can make recommendations on what to keep and discard. Finally, create a review board for these recommendations to finalize the decisions. Remember, this is an opportunity to streamline your data. Once it’s in the new system, clearing house becomes much more difficult.


Many document management systems include tools for organizing workflow. For instance, you can automate processes like approval, filing, and fulfilling information requests. Additionally, the system notifies relevant staff throughout the steps of current projects and keeps your employees abreast of their responsibilities. As you look forward to using a document management system, consider what you want to automate.  For more tips on this process, see our post on designing your first workflow here.


Security is a top priority in a document management system. This means that only individuals with appropriate credentials have access to information. With this functionality in mind, consider the who, what, and how of access. Who do you want to grant permissions? This may include staff, contractors, clients, or others. To what information will they have access? By creating limited profiles, users can only access necessary data, whether it be by project, department, etc. And how will your team be accessing your data? Online document management is extremely flexible, allowing mobility and collaboration from afar. Once you have an idea of the specifics of the access you desire, you can begin crafting the ideal online space for your organization.

Digital transformation is an important step in increasing the efficiency, security, and relevance of your organization. By choosing to digitize your content, you are poised to take on any challenges or opportunities you meet. Getting started with this process may feel overwhelming, but through thoughtful planning, you can embrace the change and hit the ground running. If you have questions about moving your organization to a document management system, contact MaxxVault today.