Getting Employees On Board with Document Management Software

Getting Employees On Board with Document Management Software
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Getting Employees On Board with Document Management Software

When an organization’s leadership decides to implement a digital transformation, it is not uncommon to face some roadblocks to the process. One of the challenges is acclimating their staff to the change. In fact, resistance to change is one of the most universal complaints, across industries. There are ways to gain buy-in from employees and successfully implement document management software. Here are four steps to assist your employees so they not only accept but embrace your new digital tools.


The key to getting your employees to listen to your reasons for a change is to listen to them first. Be open to hearing your staff’s concerns about the new system. It could be that they don’t feel “in the loop” and need more information about what is happening. Or perhaps they are concerned about finding the time to learn a new system. By asking questions and being open to the answers, you establish trust. If your staff feels comfortable expressing their concerns and believes that you are taking them seriously, they are far more likely to listen to your perspective as well.


We can’t overstate this point. Almost everyone fears what they do not know. The best way to gain buy-in from your employees on document management software is familiarity. Run hour-long training sessions describing the reasons for the switch and pitching the benefits. Create quick-reference guides for the major tasks and functions of each department. Additionally, ensure that your staff has an easy way to find the answers to their questions, either through direct contact with support or with a fellow employee with more familiarity with the system.


There are expert voices in every company, people who are trusted, connected, and well-liked. Recruit these individuals to champion the process. For example, give a small, hands-on training session to these ambassadors and then encourage them to host similar training in a peer-learning environment. Alternatively, ask your recruits to facilitate a coffee hour, where refreshments are served and any concerns or questions can be addressed. Using a grassroots approach to integrating document management software encourages community and takes away the tensions of a top-down imposition of change.


A new software integration takes time. While you may feel that the new system is working well, it is likely that your staff is still adjusting. Be ready to have an open-door policy for at least a quarter following your digital transformation. Make it clear to your staff that you welcome any and all feedback. Also, take the time to walk the floor and engage with your employees one-on-one. Ask them about their experience with the document management software. It may be that they feel intimidated or even too busy to come and see you. But if you take the time to enter their space, it shows you are listening and willing to meet them where they are.

Any change is challenging, especially when it is implemented company-wide. By empathizing with your staff’s concerns, educating them on the process, encouraging individuals in peer-to-peer learning, and being open to feedback, you will have a unified staff ready to take on the challenge. If you are looking for document management software, you want a company that will give you the best training and support available. MaxxVault is the #1 option. Contact us today, or read more about our software here.