Four Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Cloud-Based Document Management Systems

Four Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Cloud-Based Document Management Systems
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Four Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Cloud-Based Document Management Systems

Running a nonprofit organization requires different strategies and tools than for-profit businesses use on a daily basis. There are unique challenges that come with managing donations, contact lists, tax forms, mailings, and other case-related documents. Additionally, nonprofits often operate with a staff comprised mostly of volunteers. If you are looking for a way to take your charity, advocacy group, campaign, or co-op to the next level of effectiveness, a cloud-based document service could be the key. Here are four benefits of a document management system for nonprofits.

Save Money

More often than not, nonprofits work with minimal staff and limited funds. This means that it isn’t realistic to maintain a large IT department or pay a retainer for on-call tech services. Cost savings is one of the biggest benefits of a document management system for nonprofits. Not only are cloud-based document services affordable, they include all the services you need to keep things running smoothly.

In addition to saving money on IT, online document storage cuts down on the donor money allocated to office supplies like paper, ink, toner, and storage. Eliminating paper costs can reclaim a significant portion of the budget. Additionally, you can allocate volunteer hours for more essential tasks rather than repetitive document management. 

Save Space

In typical nonprofits, office space is at a premium. Filing cabinets, inboxes, reams of paper, and other document-related paraphernalia can quickly take over a small workspace. By opting for a document management system for nonprofits, digital storage replaces the filing cabinets. Also, this saves time and energy by reducing the need for document management and creating a database where any necessary information is only a click away.

Immediately Access Information

Whether a donor calls and requests information about their contributions, or the IRS calls inquiring about certain tax forms, it is essential that the required documents be immediately available. While veteran employees might be able to lay hands on what is required quickly, a volunteer or part-time staff member might not have such luck. Document management systems make relevant documents accessible and easily retrieved for all authorized team members. In this way, you can increase document security (no volunteers stumbling into the wrong file drawer) and compliance with all legal requirements. A smooth donation process and accurate records of contributions are excellent ways to encourage repeat donors and prevent legal problems.

Improve Workflow

Because nonprofits typically have more staff turnover in daily operations, it is crucial that information flows freely. Cloud-based document storage is an excellent way to ensure that up-to-date information is available to all involved parties. For example, donors submit information once and the system stores it for future use. Volunteers spend their time using data rather than organizing or collecting it. With a few simple clicks, contributors around the world can see organizational updates. Your team stays connected and on-task, without being bogged down by repetitive or insignificant paperwork.

If your nonprofit is looking for a cost-effective and straightforward way to improve its effectiveness, look no further than a cloud-based storage platform. A document management system can revolutionize the way your organization handles data. As you evaluate the time your team spends managing paper documents, consider the benefits of a document management system for nonprofits. Interested in exploring a cloud-based option? Contact MaxxVault today.